Getting Your Learner's Permit

Which State Do You Need To Pass?

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Getting Your Learner's Permit

In most states, the test to get your driving learner's permit is the same as the driver's license test. Getting a learner's permit, however, often requires a few more steps.

  • Know the age requirement. This is the most obvious since you've probably been dreaming of driving for years but depending on your state the age your allowed to drive could be as young as 15 or as old as 18. Check with your local DMV office to make sure you know it.
  • Master the written test. There are two parts to the driving test - the written test (also known as the "knowledge exam") and the road skills test. You're often required to pass the written test before you are allowed to even take a road skills test. The fastest and easiest way to pass your learner's permit test is to get a study guide from, after you have read the manual. This ensures that on the day of the test you have a quick and easy resource to review to make sure you pass. You will also want to take some online practice tests to make sure you really know the material as each test is designed to trick the tacker.
  • Sign-up for driver's ed. Whether it's offered through your school or you take a private course, don't simply rely on mommy and daddy to help you learn. Driver's ed classes are designed to focus on the key things you need to know to drive safely and pass - something your own family might have forgotten by now :)

Once you're ready, schedule an appointment at the DMV office near you so you don't have to wait long. To begin preparing, select your state from the list above, pick up a "cheat sheet" and hit the roads!

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