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by (NC, United States)
“I am very pleased with this product as it is simply to understand and provide a clear knowledge on the information needed to take the test. Thankyou.”
by (CA, United States)
“The materials are very helpful, just read them several times & guaranteed
you will pass the written test easily.”
by (NY, United States)
“My daughter didn't have time to read the driver manual. She studied the cheat sheet for 2 days and got a 100 om her test!! Thanks!!”
by (TX, United States)
“DMV Cheatsheets and their corresponding tests after each section helped me out tremendously while studying for the CDL tests. It was much more interactive and friendlier than having to flip through the manual provided by the DMV office, and the questions were much more open to different situations by knowing the same material and information. I will definitely recommend this site to anyone that will be getting their CDL especially, because it helped me pass the written tests the first time!”
by (FL, United States)
“Exactly what we needed, easy to follow and did I mention son got his license on first try. Thanks!”
by (DC, United States)
“it was a pleasure to order the dmvcheatsheet and it came in handy when studying for the exam”
by (NV, United States)
“Very, very helpful information and it helped me prepare for a successful test.”
by (CA, United States)
“I passed my DMV written test.
Thank you!
by (United States)
“The cheat sheets helped me feel more confident about taking the driver's test.”
by (CA, United States)
“Gave me all the driving situations needed to successfully pass my driving written exam.”
by (CA, United States)
“Scored 34/36”
by (NY, United States)
“I passed! Thank you it was so worth the small fee...

Monica A. Samuel”
by (NM, United States)
“Helped me to pass my written test on my first attempt. Thank you!
by (CA, United States)
“It was a terrific tool and I used it to sharpen my knowledge of the rules”
by (CA, United States)
“Quick, current and accurate DMV material nets a 100% score on test day. I recommend anyone attempting an initial drivers license or a renewal to take a look at this dmvcheatsheet first. It is well worth the time.”
by (United States)
“The cheat sheet allowed me to pass the Hax Mat test. Thanks”
by (CA, United States)
“VERY user friendly... and great content!”
by (CA, United States)
“I aced my written test. Couldn't have done it without your test. Best features were instant feedback, well-presented format, ability to exit without losing my place.”
by (United States)
“Keep up good work. Very impressed with website.”
by (FL, United States)
“I think your learning process is great so keep on giving immediate feedback for the learning experience”