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How Many Points Does It Take To Lose Your License?

by Jim on Dec 31, 2022.
A driver’s license suspension can either be indefinite or definite. The duration of the suspension depends on the gravity of the offenses that led to the suspension. Ideally, indefinite suspensions do not have end dates, while definite suspensions do. Points are assigned to the license of any driver who violates traffic regulations. The points vary in number and in accordance with the severity of the offense committed. Rule will change from state to state, but generally speaking drivers who r... Read More

When You Should Get New Tires

by Jim on Dec 31, 2022.
It can be difficult to tell when your tires need replacement without knowing what things to look out for. The auto industry and most tire manufacturers recommend that drivers replace their tires at least once every six years from their manufacturing date. However, this is not enough to go by, as there are different tire brands, all of which vary in quality. This means that some are likely to reach their limit sooner than others. It’s considered illegal and unsafe to use tires after their thre... Read More

Is It Better To Get A Used Or New Car?

by Jim on Dec 31, 2022.
Deciding between a new or used vehicle may seem like an easy choice at first but after a little bit of consideration, it becomes clear that it’s quite the opposite which is no surprise as countless car buyers are faced with this same question every single year. Do you opt for that new car smell knowing it will cost you, or simply buy a fairly used vehicle and save some extra cash? In actuality, deciding between these two options is more than just finances, although it remains an essential par... Read More

What To Do If You Run Out Of Gas

by Jim on Dec 31, 2022.
If you run out of gas on the road, the best option you have is to find a safe place to stay, know your location, and call for help. Be it AAA, your car insurance, friends, or 9-1-1, there are several ways to get help. This article will examine in detail the steps to take if you run out of gas. Let’s dive in. How does your car act when you’re low on gas? One important thing about running out of gas is that your car engine will only partially lose functionality when the gas tank is empty. There... Read More

The Four Blind Spots In A Car

by Jim on Dec 31, 2022.
A vehicle’s blindspots are areas that obstruct a driver’s view of the road while seated. Typically, the degree of such visual impediments is determined by the size of the vehicle in question. All cars have blind spots. However, over the years, car manufacturers have come a long way in downscaling these weak points, with the exception of older car models, which still pose a certain level of danger to passengers and other road users. This article will discuss four of the most common vehicle bli... Read More


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