Latest Driving & DMV Information Mar 2015

Cyclists Need to Follow Rules of the Road For the Common Good

by Lisa on Mar 27, 2015.
Approximately 3,000 cyclists are killed or severely injured each year. A recent study indicates cyclists themselves can be responsible for these accidents, as the study found that 42% of cyclists do not follow road rules, such as stopping at a stop sign at an intersection. Interestingly, the National Highway Institute also found in a 2014 study that 24% of fatal bicycle injuries occurred to those with BAC levels of .08% or higher and 37% of crashes involved cyclists who had been drinking. A... Read More

Drowsy Driving Comparable to Driving Under The Influence

by Lisa on Mar 12, 2015.
Drowsy driving, once considered a fairly benign issue, finds itself under target with an increase in legislation making the offense either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on specific state law. The Drowsy Driving Reduction Act of 2015 creates a task force to analyze the issue and make recommendations for federal regulation within 18 months. Is drowsy driving really such a problem? The National Sleep Foundation believes it is a very serious issue. As sponsors of the Drowsy Driving Reduc... Read More


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