Latest Driving & DMV Information Aug 2022

Why You Should Not Eat While Driving

by Jim on Aug 23, 2022.
There is a lot of information regarding how risky it is to drive while using a cellphone, but the risks of eating while driving are under-reported. However, eating behind the wheel is a significant cause of distracted driving that can lead to road collisions. Continue reading to find out more about the dangers of eating while driving. Statistics Of Eating And Driving A recent poll stated that 56.7% of Americans admit to drinking and eating while driving. Most Americans have a fast-paced lifes... Read More

Who Is Most Likely To Text And Drive? You May Be Surprised

by Jim on Aug 23, 2022.
Texting and driving is a widespread habit found among most drivers. If you were to answer the question of who texts the most while driving, you’re most likely to suggest that young drivers do. Let’s find out if you’re right. A recent national survey shows that 38% of teens admit to texting while driving, while 56% of those 18 and older admit to texting sometimes or frequently. This doesn’t yet give a clear picture of who uses their cell phone the most while driving but further down this artic... Read More

Which Is Worse: Drowsy Driving Or Drunk Driving?

by Jim on Aug 23, 2022.
We are all aware of the dangers of driving drunk. Driving drowsy is just as risky as drunk driving, yet it seldom receives much attention. So, how is drinking while driving as dangerous as sleeping behind the wheel? People who suffer from sleep apnea or get less than six hours of sleep per night are more likely to drive drowsy or fall asleep behind the wheel. Moderate sleep deprivation produces impairments in cognitive and motor performance similar to legally prescribed levels of intoxication... Read More

The Most Common Form Of Road Rage

by Jim on Aug 23, 2022.
Anger is a compelling and reactive emotion capable of making us do things in an instant that we usually wouldn’t consider. While this innate emotion can be controlled in some instances, there is nowhere it’s more potentially dangerous than on the road. We’ve all heard the term road rage at some point. This word encompasses all acts of violence and assault carried out on the road, leading to the parties involved being rushed to the hospital, and the event ending up as headline news. Drivers ex... Read More

The Most Common Causes Of Distracted Driving

by Jim on Aug 23, 2022.
Regardless of the cause of distraction and the factors involved, distracted driving poses a significant threat to everyone on the road. To avoid taking unnecessary risks, always make the necessary adjustments beforehand and perform every task you need before getting on the road. Not only will this help save lives, but it will also keep you from going against distracted driving laws. In this article, we’ll discuss the various elements of distracted driving and what you can do to ensure your pe... Read More


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