Latest Driving & DMV Information Oct 2013

[Infographic] Will Drivers Licenses Be Needed In the Future

by Joshua on Oct 31, 2013.
Filed under: Driver's License, Learner's Permit
Thanks to advances in technology, everyday tasks continue to get easier and easier for society. For many, the idea of self-driving cars seems like a technology that would only be available to the general public in the far distant future. In recent years however, a handful of companies have been making investments to make this seemingly unimaginable innovation possible. Having already completed 300,000 test drive miles without incident using its driverless car, Google is one such company that... Read More

What To Know Before Acquiring Your CDL

by Joshua on Oct 29, 2013.
Filed under: Commercial Driver's Licence
Owning a commercial driving license is becoming a common trend in the United States. People have realized that owning a commercial driving license, commonly referred to as CDL,is a sure way of making quick bucks. Truck drivers are known to make good money from their jobs and people are realizing this and have started investing on commercial driving licenses. Also, truck driving is seen as one of the best jobs for people who are looking to travel as opposed to those who prefer seating behind a... Read More

DOT Test Questions and Answers for the Pennsylvania DOT

by Joshua on Oct 27, 2013.
Filed under: Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Driver's License Written Test, Pennsylvania Learner's Permit Test, Pennsylvania Motorcycle Written Test
Drivers in the state of Pennsylvania 16 years of age and older may embark on their journey to obtaining their drivers permit and license. One of the first important tasks you must tackle when beginning this process, is deciding which class of license you are going to require. There are four separate classes of license that an individual may apply for A, B, C, and M. It is important that you correct identify the one(s) that you need. With the correct class/classes selected, you will be able... Read More

DMV Test Questions and Answers for the New York DMV Test

by Joshua on Oct 24, 2013.
Filed under: New York New York Driver's License Written Test, New York Learner's Permit Test, New York Motorcycle Written Test
In New York, a common mode of transport is the use of motor vehicles. Having attained the required age of 16+, you can apply for a Driving license from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Before the New York DMV dishes out driving license to any individual, it must make sure that the person is more that capable of handling him/herself on the road perfectly. This of course is done by the use of DMV tests. In order to get your driving license, you must show your mastery in the DMV ... Read More

Preparing for the Motorcycle License Tests in Washington

by Joshua on Oct 16, 2013.
Filed under: Washington Washington Motorcycle Written Test
Operating a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting past-time and can include street bikes for long trips and off road with more rugged vehicles. In many cases, drivers chose to operate a vehicle during the spring and summer months when the roads are clear of snow as an alternative daily vehicle to save on gas. Though operating a motorcycle has its benefits, there are safety downfalls that coincide that motorists need to be aware of. It can be dangerous to operate a two or three-wheeled vehicles... Read More


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