Latest Driving & DMV Information Jun 2014

Driver's License Information for New California drivers

by Joshua on Jun 30, 2014.
Filed under: California
Because there are well over 22,000,000 drivers in the Golden state of California , the DMV has a set of very strict, very important laws which are imperative to the DMV’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its many drivers. The state gives new California residents 10 days to obtain a drivers license, and additional 20 days to register a vehicle in your name. There are also state inspections in which your vehicle must meet certain standards in order to pass the Smog Qualifications , as wel... Read More

Free Florida CDL Practice Test Questions

by Joshua on Jun 27, 2014.
Filed under: Florida
If practice makes perfect, then taking a practice test must be a great way to help prepare yourself for any important test, right? When it comes to taking a Florida CDL exam, things can seem rather tricky. This is where studying and taking practice tests can come in very handy. Why Should You Take Practice CDL Tests? Since over 80% of the world’s population is kinesthetic learners, which means you learn by a “hands on” approach, embarking upon Florida CDL practice tests is one of the absolute... Read More

Road Rules DMV Practice Test for Arizona Learner's Permit

by Joshua on Jun 25, 2014.
Filed under: Arizona Learner's Permit Test
Stepping foot inside an Arizona MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) for the very first time to get your Arizona learners permit can be very exciting. It is definitely a major milestone in your life, and should be a memorable time. Congratulations! Now let’s make sure you know the process inside and out, because sometimes it can be rather complicated. Here, everything has been broke down into simple, easy-to-follow directions that take you step-by-step through the process, and will have you behind t... Read More

Learning the basics of the Minnesota DVS Motorcycle Test

by Joshua on Jun 23, 2014.
Filed under: Minnesota Motorcycle Written Test
Since its birth in 1858, the state of Minnesota has been contributing to their beautiful and scenic routes and highways. Although the winter time can be a tad less than hospitable for motorcycle riders, thousands of people each summer, spring, and fall travel the 135,500 miles of roadway the state provides. Learning The Basics Of The Minnesota DMV Motorcycle Test In order to obtain a license to ride a motorcycle in Minnesota, state residents must already have a valid driver’s license. To get... Read More

New Jersey Motorcycle Laws

by Joshua on Jun 19, 2014.
Filed under: New Jersey Motorcycle Written Test
The state of New Jersey is the most heavily populated state within the United States. It’s about 13 thousand times the national average, which means there are a lot of motorists on the roads. This means you should be extra careful when operating a motorcycle. Knowing the laws and how to use your best judgment could save your life or someone else’s in the future. New Jersey Motorcycle Laws State That To Ride In the State of New Jersey: All motorcycles must maintain the New Jersey safety standa... Read More


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