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What to Study Before Taking Your Driving Test in North Carolina?

by Joshua on Apr 29, 2013.
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In order to receive your driver’s license in North Carolina, you must pass both a written test and a road evaluation. There are several resources in which you can find materials to study before taking the written test. These resources are the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook, the online driver’s handbook and online practice tests to let you know what materials will be covered on the actual test. h3. What are the Laws Regarding Drunk and Impaired Driving? You must know and understand al... Read More

Do California Seniors Need to Pass a Driving Test?

by Joshua on Apr 25, 2013.
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It’s not likely to be an issue. Licensing standards are the same for all drivers in the state of California regardless of age; however, because Senior drivers are more likely to have mental or physical impairments due to advanced age, they face a unique set of challenges. The DMV takes your physical and mental condition into account to determine whether or not a driving test is necessary. This is true regardless of age, but it more often applies to seniors for the reasons noted above. In ... Read More

What does the CDL Allow You to Operate?

by Joshua on Apr 24, 2013.
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h3. What does the CDL Allow You to Operate? A commercial driver’s license allows the driver to operate all the vehicles in the particular class for which the license was issued, including all the vehicles in the lower classes. Commercial Driver’s licensing standards and classes are different from country to country but in general, the same standards apply almost everywhere and are relatively consistent in each country. h3. What is a Commercial Driver’s License? A commercial drive... Read More

Summary of selt belt laws

by Joshua on Apr 14, 2013.
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Here is a summary of seat belt laws for each state in the US according to the Institute for Highway Safety. You can view the complete list here as well "":   Safety belt law Child restraint law State ... Read More