Latest Driving & DMV Information Feb 2015

How to Fight A Speeding Ticket: Top 6 Strategies

by Lisa on Feb 27, 2015.
Believe it or not, most people who get a traffic ticket simply pay the fine. You might say, what’s wrong with that? Why fight the ticket or pay a lawyer? According to the website, the average speeding ticket in the United States is $150. Unfortunately, if your ticket is one that will impact your insurance rates, then the “fines” will grow and grow via your insurance rate. Even a minor ticket on your record can impact your ability to get a “not so minor” ticket drop... Read More

A Few Great Reasons to Uber On

by Lisa on Feb 12, 2015.
2 out of 3 will be involved in a drunk driving accident. Every 120 seconds someone will be injured in a drunk driving crash. Think these statistics from MADD are scary? Visit for a full dose of scary stats. The Drunk Driving Problem Drunk driving, and driving under the influence of drugs, are problems that just won’t go away. Unfortunately, we live in a society where in many locations people drive somewhere, enjoy time out with their friends, and then struggle with how to get the... Read More

How to Strike Gold in California

by Lisa on Feb 05, 2015.
2015 brings in over 900 new laws for Californians. The one with the greatest impact to motorists and getting the most press is AB 60. AB 60 ultimately provides a golden win for immigrants in the state and offers all residents safer roads, and people are talking about it. This September, 2014 article covering AB 60 from has been shared on FB over 25,000 times. The latest CA DMV updates show 217,000 written tests have been administered from January 2 through January 16 and 25,3... Read More


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