Latest Driving & DMV Information Mar 2013

New Product - CDL Cheat Sheet for Combination Vehicles

by Joshua on Mar 28, 2013.
Filed under: Commercial Driver's Licence
I am very pleased to announce the release of our latest offering, the 2013 CDL study guide for the CDL (commercial drivers license) combination vehicle exam. For anyone studying for this endorsement, which is covered in section 7 of the CDL manual for doubles and triples, our “cheat sheet” will be extremely helpful. It’s one of our more in-depth study guides to date, with roughly 3 pages of summarized material on what you need to know plus 30 important questions and answers for the test. This... Read More

Do I need to speak English to get a CDL License?

by Joshua on Mar 20, 2013.
Filed under: Commercial Driver's Licence
We get many questions at DMVCheatSheets about getting a CDL or Commercial Driver’s License. One of the more common questions is – “do you offer your material in Spanish or any other language?” The quick answer is no – not at this time. Unlike our auto material, which is offered in Spanish, our CDL material is English only for a simple reason – your test will be in English. The commercial driving test is administered in the English language only. This is pur-suant to Federal Motor Carrier Sa... Read More

Where to find the DMV Handbook online

by Joshua on Mar 06, 2013.
Filed under: California, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Texas Driver's License, Learner's Permit, Motorcycle
One of the most common questions that we get asked is “where can I find the manual from the DMV?” (also known as the DMV handbook). Many people believe they need to visit their local DMV office to get a copy of the handbook, but there is a much easier way – go to their website!! Every state now offers their DMV handbook online. Sometimes you need to do a bit of searching, but you can definitely find it. You need to be careful as some sites “claim” to offer the manual but since they aren’t t... Read More


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