Latest Driving & DMV Information Nov 2014

Procedure for Dealing with a Lost or Stolen Driver's License

by Joshua on Nov 30, 2014.
Filed under: Driver's License
Having a driver’s license is one of greatest liberties to its holder. A symbol of freedom and mobility, it allows access and ease in commuting for business, pleasure, or emergencies. Having a license in possession does more than just permit the driver to be on the road; it gives him higher status in life. Lost or Stolen License If you have had the unfortunate event of losing your driver’s license or having it stolen from you, all is not lost. There are several important things you must do to ... Read More

Shipping Your Vehicle Across The Country During A Move

by Joshua on Nov 28, 2014.
Filed under: Driver's License
Driving one or more vehicles to your new home country is not generally feasible for those relocating. Moving goods and furniture across the city can be an unpleasant and over burdened by itself. An expert moving organization may be taking your belongings to your new home, yet what are you going to do with the two vehicles in the vehicle port? Some prefer to just drive the automobile on their own. However, it might not be feasible many a times and worth all the stress you take. You may want to... Read More

The Consequences of Texting While Driving

by Joshua on Nov 26, 2014.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
We all have distractions while driving on the road. Pedestrians popping out of nowhere, passengers asking us questions, the radio blaring our favorite tunes, and, of course, other aggressive drivers to avoid are just a few of them. Thanks to modern technology, our cell phones are no exception. For some mysterious reason, we feel if our cellys go off, we must immediately answer them. From answering a call to texting, we believe that communicating on the phone is imperative. Yet thinking we can... Read More

Basic Requirements To Obtain Your New Jersey CDL Class B License

by Joshua on Nov 24, 2014.
Filed under: New Jersey
A commercial driver’s license is required for anyone who plans to drive a commercial vehicle for a living including a truck driver or bus driver. The basic requirements for all CDL are to be 18 years of age or older, have a basic driver’s license (Class D), you need 20/40 quality of visionper eye with or without glasses, you need to tell the difference betweengreen, red, and amber colors, and be physically fit. Commercial drivers are must have a medical examiner’s fitness statement as requi... Read More

What is Involved In Getting A New York CDL - Endorsement H (Hazardous Materials)?

by Joshua on Nov 18, 2014.
Filed under: New York
A driver holding a New York CDL must have a CDL – Endorsement X or an “H” HazMat license to operate business engine vehicles that convey hazardous materials in order drive freely the sate of New York. You may read more in the Hazardous Materials Manual (CDL-11), CDL Manual (CDL-10) and (MV-500c) —Driver’s License Class Descriptions for more details on the subject. Basic Requirements When Applying For Your CDL You must be a U.S. resident or a legal occupant of the United States and present ve... Read More


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