Latest Driving & DMV Information Oct 2014

Change The Way You Approach Getting A Minnesota Cdl - Class A License

by Joshua on Oct 30, 2014.
Filed under: Minnesota
If you are looking to obtain a Class A commercial driver’s license in the state of Minnesota, there are requirements and procedures you need to know about to be successful in your quest to get your hands on one. There is a growing demand in this industry, as there is a national shortage of drivers, as well as in the state of Minnesota. Here is what you need to know to get your CDL, and other special endorsements. Minnesota State Requirements for a CDL You will be required to pass a basic s... Read More

California Infant and Child Car Seat Laws

by Joshua on Oct 28, 2014.
Filed under: California
A large number of children are harmed or accidentally killed by the car seats that are improperly attached by parents or guardians. Keep in mind; most crashes happen inside a mile of the home—so lock your child in a car safety seat for each outing, regardless of how short the journey is. Children who are less than 8 years old must be secured in a car or booster seat fixed in the rear side of the vehicle. A law for this was brought into force in 2012. Below are some of the stipulations enforce... Read More

Studying for the Nevada CDL Class A License Test

by Joshua on Oct 15, 2014.
Filed under: Nevada
Applying for a Class A Commercial Driver’s License in Nevada in a must for many commercial truck drivers out there. If you obtain one, it could be the start of a successful future for many truckers and bus drivers across the site. For many Class A License holders, it is their livelihood, which can’t be taken too likely. A lot of potential truck drivers want to get the Class A Commercial Driver’s License but do not know the exact process it takes to obtain one. Below is a ton of information n... Read More

Studying for the Florida CDL Class C License w/ Hazardous Materials Test

by Joshua on Oct 13, 2014.
Filed under: Florida
Need A Florida CDL – Class C License w/ Hazardous Materials License? When applying for your Florida CDL – Class C License , there are certain measures you have to take in adhering to The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles policy. On this page, you will get the facts about obtaining a Class C CDL in Florida and how to keep it in good standing. You must first remember that the minimum age to get a Class C CDL in Florida is twenty-one years. You must also have a clean record... Read More

How to pass the Georgia CDL Class B License Exam

by Joshua on Oct 11, 2014.
Filed under: Georgia
A CDL allows an individual to operate a commercial vehicle. There are several different types of CDLs that can be granted, dependent upon the type of vehicle that you wish to drive. In addition, there are special endorsements that must be obtained for operation of certain types of vehicles. A Class ‘B’ license in the state of Georgia allows the driver to operate a commercial vehicle that weighs 26,001 pounds of more. Requirements for a Georgia CDL To obtain a CDL in Georgia you must be at l... Read More


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