Studying for the Florida CDL Class C License w/ Hazardous Materials Test

by Joshua on October 13, 2014

Need A Florida CDL – Class C License w/ Hazardous Materials License? When applying for your Florida CDL – Class C License , there are certain measures you have to take in adhering to The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles policy. On this page, you will get the facts about obtaining a Class C CDL in Florida and how to keep it in good standing.
You must first remember that the minimum age to get a Class C CDL in Florida is twenty-one years. You must also have a clean record when it comes to driving. With this being said, it is quite obvious that your license should not have been revoked.

You will also have to get an intrastate permit in order to travel from state to state with your Class C CDL. The minimum age to apply for this permit is eighteen. But your driving record must been in good standing with the state of Florida . You can find this at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Office.

Florida CDL – Documents To Bring

There are a few documents that you are required to bring in order to be considered for your Commercial Driver’s License in Florida. These documents include:

  • You current and valid driver’s license
  • Mail from home to prove you are a resident of Florida
  • Your social security card
  • Your birth certificate (May vary)

The commercial vehicle you will be driving must be a combined 26,001 lbs, which adheres to federal commercial vehicle regulations. It must also be built to transport 16 or more people, including the driver. It is very important that a CDL driver and his vehicle are approved by Hazmat. This vehicle must be able to carry hazardous materials. Remember photocopies are not permitted.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Office has to authorize your clinical health certificate in order for drivers to operate business cars over 10 thousand pounds. Furthermore, motorists that are either carrying unsafe product or transferring fifteen-plus passengers must carry a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Office health voucher.

The office should authorize your clinical certificate in order for motorists to operate commercial vehicles over 10 thousand pounds. You should initially complete the driving test for your permit before getting your CDL Permit. In order to obtain your CDL Permit, you should finish a CDL Application. You could find this at your nearby Florida Department of Transportation office. You can also download the forms from the official government website.

Florida CDL – Class C License

  • Initial Issue and Renewal: $75.00
  • Old or New School Bus Drivers pay $48.00
  • All Endorsements are $7.00 (Old or New)
  • Written Test is $10.00
  • Driving Test is $20.00

In the state of Florida, you must adhere to Class C Exam Rules and Regulations to drive your commercial vehicle. These requirements included a general knowledge test . They will also take your pre-trip and basic skills. Air brake tests are included. Be sure to prepare yourself for these tests and requirements because you will have to pay an extra fee if you do not pass you requirements.

Out-of-State CDL Drivers

If you have an out of state Commercial Driver’s License already, it is fine. The state of Florida will take it. But you will have to reapply when it comes to hazmat and background checks. That also means you will have to pay more fees. So be prepared to do so.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget that driving without a CDL is a very serious offense with consequences that can get your regular state driver’s licenses revoked in the process. Be sure to adhere to all of the rules and drive safety. Remember to never drink and drive. It’s only going to cost you everything. This is especially true to anyone who has a job driving CDL trucks.
Also, there are courses you can take for safe driving for commercial vehicle drivers. These courses teach you about the long term effects of driving behind the wheel with a CDL. This includes the tragic conclusions of falling asleep behind the wheel and the sleep requirements you must adhere too.

There is a ton of information on the official site for the obtaining your Commercial Driver’s License for Class C. Be sure to check out the state’s official website at It will give you a detailed and comprehensive look of everything you need and more in order to get your Class C Commercial Driver’s License and what it takes to keep it. It is definitely worth a look.

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