Motorcycle Written Test

Which State Do You Need To Pass?

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Getting Your Motorcycle License

The motorcycle license of Class M endorsement allows you to legally operate a motorcycle, scooter or motorized bicycle in all 50 states. Depending on your state, you might need an automobile driver's license to obtain a motorcycle license, however, it's generally considered a good idea to obtain a regular driver's license first and then get the Class M endorsement. For example, Iowa and Michigan let people ride on mopeds before they can drive. In New York, it is recommended that you get your learner's permit for a car before you get your license for a motorcycle so that you know the rules of the road first.

To get your license, you need to pass both the written and road test. In some states, you can get a waiver for taking the road test if you have passed a qualified approved rider course. Check with your local DMV for more information on this option.

Studying For Your Motorcycle Test

To pass your motorcycle license test, you need to be prepared. You cannot even take the road test until you pass the written test, so mastering this information is important. Fortunately, it's not difficult to do:

  • Read the manual. If you already have a driver's license, this manual should be a no brainer. While it's still long and often confusing, it's not nearly as painful as the complete automobile handbook.
  • Test your knowledge. Don't just assume you know what you need to know. The actual test is designed to trip you up, so spend the $15 for a legitimate online test (click your state above for examples and free practice tests) so that you can breeze through the actual test without embarassing yourself.
  • Get a study guide. You might know it today but what happens when the heat is on. Wait times at the DMV range from 20 to 60 minutes, so have a quick and easy "cheat sheet" you can review while waiting. Click a state above to get yours now.

Motorcycle License Articles

* New Hampshire & Rhode Island do not offer separate study material for the motorcycle written test.