Latest Driving & DMV Information Oct 2022

What To Do If You Get Caught Speeding

by Jim on Oct 25, 2022.
The most common tickets issued by police officers in most states in the United States are speeding tickets. As a driver in the United States, it is important to know what to do if you are issued a speeding ticket. When a law enforcement officer gets you to pull over for speeding, you first need to stop, stay calm, take a deep breath, and get ready to interact with the police officer. Find a safe spot to pull over, take out your driver’s license, registration, and insurance, and prepare to fol... Read More

Is It Illegal To Drive Without Windshield Wipers?

by Jim on Oct 25, 2022.
Windshield wiper blades are some of the most important vehicle parts. They help you clear your windshield for a better view when it rains or snows. It is crucial to have them working for your safety and that of oncoming drivers or pedestrians. However, will the law hold you liable for not having them? Driving a car without windshield wipers is illegal in most states in the United States if not all. According to the National Road Traffic Act, all vehicles with a windshield are mandated to use ... Read More

Can You Get A Driver's License If You Are Deaf?

by Jim on Oct 25, 2022.
There are misconceptions about whether the hearing impaired can drive, let alone have a driver’s license. There have also been questions like, "Since you need to hear horns to drive a car, will a deaf driver get in trouble if found driving? Can you hire deaf drivers?" Well, the answer to those is simple. Deaf people can drive whenever they want and are allowed to get their driver’s licenses. This is because a hearing impairment does not hinder one’s ability to steer the car, change gears, see... Read More

Can You Get A Driver's License If You Are Color Blind?

by Jim on Oct 25, 2022.
Although having good vision is necessary for safe driving, color blindness will not disqualify you from getting a driver’s license. Eye problems can only limit you from getting a license if you fail the eye exams required to get your driver’s license. Interestingly, stoplights are arranged in the same order worldwide for this particular reason. The top light is red, yellow is at the middle, and green is at the bottom. These lights are arranged to enable colorblind individuals to know when to ... Read More

Can You Get A Driver's License If You Are Blind In One Eye?

by Jim on Oct 25, 2022.
If the functioning eye has sufficient vision to meet the legal requirements established by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, a driver can be allowed to drive with one eye. The prospective driver also has to be well accustomed to the sight loss in one eye to be entitled to obtain a driving license after a vision test. After a driving evaluation and eye exam, a driver can still get a driving privilege if they’re legally blind in one eye but will not get an unrestricted driver’s license. ... Read More


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