Latest Driving & DMV Information Jul 2015

Gas: An Expense Many in the U.S. Don't Seem to Factor Into Purchasing Decisions

by Lisa on Jul 29, 2015.
When I was getting my hair cut someone commented that she used to give her son $300 a month for gas, and he recently told her that just wasn’t enough. I told her that it cost us just $27 to fill up the tank of our Prius, and that lasts us for at least two weeks. She said to me, “Huh. You know what, why don’t we think about the cost of gas when we buy our cars?”. Of course, some might also wonder why she’s giving her son gas money and not making him earn it, but that’s a totally different t... Read More

Do We All Need a Helicopter Mom?

by Lisa on Jul 19, 2015.
Helicopter Moms hover around their children to make sure they are safe and making good choices. More and more, our government and even private corporations are taking steps to hover and ensure we the people, or “the children” in this scenario, are making good choices. Laws have traditionally been the “hovering device” of choice, but recently, technology is making a strong debut in creating solid hovering capabilities. Some of these changes are probably for the best, but in America, where we... Read More

New DMV Laws Effective July 1, 2015

by Lisa on Jul 07, 2015.
July 1st brings several states new laws for drivers. From move over laws to slow lane laws, laws that have proven effective in some states are spreading to other states. If you are headed to your DMV to take the test, be sure to ask if the new laws are represented in the DMV manual and the written test. States have been known to have a delay in updating test material and DMV manuals are often only updated once a year. Once the tests have been updated, expect a question on any new or update... Read More


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