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Danger! Danger! Pokemon Go!

by Lisa on Aug 25, 2016.
Pokemon Go, a new game released in July 2016 by Niantic Labs, is responsible for a litany of traffic accidents. Here’s a sample of 2016 summer headlines: Pokemon Go Makes Driving A Lot More Dangerous, July 10, Jalopnik Playing Pokemon Go Is Becoming Dangerous, July 9, New York Post Death by Pokemon? Public Safety Fears Mount as ‘Pokemon Go’ Craze Continues, July 14, Fox News The Worst Real World Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go, July 12, Screen Rant The Dangers of Pokemon Go Similar to Textin... Read More

Do We All Need a Helicopter Mom?

by Lisa on Jul 19, 2015.
Helicopter Moms hover around their children to make sure they are safe and making good choices. More and more, our government and even private corporations are taking steps to hover and ensure we the people, or “the children” in this scenario, are making good choices. Laws have traditionally been the “hovering device” of choice, but recently, technology is making a strong debut in creating solid hovering capabilities. Some of these changes are probably for the best, but in America, where we... Read More


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