Road Rules DMV Practice Test for Arizona Learner's Permit

by Joshua on June 25, 2014

Stepping foot inside an Arizona MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) for the very first time to get your Arizona learners permit can be very exciting. It is definitely a major milestone in your life, and should be a memorable time. Congratulations! Now let’s make sure you know the process inside and out, because sometimes it can be rather complicated. Here, everything has been broke down into simple, easy-to-follow directions that take you step-by-step through the process, and will have you behind the wheel sooner than later.

Teens Who Are New Arizona Residents

The Arizona MVD is where new and old residents must go to handle anything related to driving permits and licensing. If you are a licensed teen in another state, you can transfer your license to the state of Arizona as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

1. Take a new vision examination
2. Turn in your out-of-state license to the MVD office nearest you
3. Pay a $25 fee for your new Arizona license

Once you’ve followed these steps, you will be issued a graduated Class G license, which requires you to follow certain driving restrictions, and must hold this restricted permit for 6 months. Any out-of-state teen driver who has an instruction or learner’s permit is required to graduate a driver-licensing program. This program is outlined below:

Arizona’s Teen Driver Graduated License Program

Since the early 1990’s, many states have executed a GDL program. This requires teens to learn and complete several fundamentals before they are eligible to obtain their “full” driver’s license. There are 3 steps to getting your Class D Operator’s License.

1. An Instruction Permit must be earned
2. Must obtain a Class G Graduated License
3. Prove you’re ready for your Class D Operator’s License by passing the tests

Arizona teens also have access to an optional state-approved educational course including 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training mixed with 30 hours of class-like instructional training as well.

How To Apply For Your Instruction Permit In Arizona

As long as you meet the age requirements of being at least 15 ½ years of age, you are able to apply for your instruction permit. You will be required to pass a written test , so be sure to study before visiting your local MVD. It is a good idea to take a practice test to recheck your knowledge before making the appointment.

Example Questions That May Be On Your Arizona Instruction Permit Written Exam (Answers at Bottom of Page)

1. True or False – The correct way to hand-signal a left-handed turn would be to extend your hand and arm outward.

2. True or False – If you are planning on making a left-hand turn just beyond an intersection, you should signal while you are in the intersection.

3. True or False – When parking on an uphill-grade with a curb, you should turn your wheels to the right.

4. Choose The Correct Answer – You can loose control of your vehicle in heavy rain when your tires are not able to maintain contact with the road. This is known as:

A. Puddle-surfing
B. Highway-planning
C. Skinny-dipping
D. Hydroplaning

5. Fill In The Blank — The ____ protects your chest and head during a collision. It keeps you from striking the dashboard.

A. The Lap-Belt
B. The Head-Restraint Bar
C. The Airbag In The Steering Wheel
D. The Shoulder-Belt

After You Have Studied For The Exam You Should

  • Take form 40-5122 to your local MVD office (Driver-license application must have parent or guardian signature)
  • Bring 2 documents with you, at least one needs to have a photo, which prove your identification
  • Be able to pass a vision examination
  • Be able to pass the written examination
  • Bring $7.00 for the instruction permit fee
  1. After You Have Passed the Exam You Should

First of all, congratulations on passing your exam! You are one step closer to obtaining your full driver-license. Now that you have earned you are eligible to practice driving as long as you are accompanied by a licensed adult, who is at least 21 years of age (who must remain in the front seat). You will be required to log:

  • 10 complete hours of driving during the nighttime
  • 20 complete hours of driving during the daytime
  • 6 months minimum of holding an instruction permit before applying for a GDL
  • Pass your GDL written exam, which means you are able to begin your behind the wheel practice
  1. Auto-Insurance — Instruction Permit Arizona State Requirements

In the state of Arizona you are required to carry auto-insurance before you are even eligible to receive your driver-license. If you are a teen who holds an instruction permit, you may have the option of being covered by the insurance of a licensed parent or guardian (as long as that parent or guardian is in the car with them while they are practicing driving). If not, it is crucial that you seek a policy which will cover you while you carry your permit.

Once you have completed all aspects of obtaining and carrying an instruction or learner’s permit, you may become eligible for your graduated driver-license.

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