Free Florida CDL Practice Test Questions

If practice makes perfect, then taking a practice test must be a great way to help prepare yourself for any important test, right? When it comes to taking a Florida CDL exam, things can seem rather tricky. This is where studying and taking practice tests can come in very handy.

Why Should You Take Practice CDL Tests?

Since over 80% of the world’s population is kinesthetic learners, which means you learn by a “hands on” approach, embarking upon Florida CDL practice tests is one of the absolute best ways to prepare for a CDL test. Sometimes reading over and over the same manual can become daunting, cause our eyes to glaze over, or allow us to daydream.

Reading books can be the same way. Keeping busy and active, and trying to make the learning process as hands-on and fun as possible can help move you right along, as well as help build your confidence long before you sit down to take the actual test.

Make Sure You Are Studying Reliable CDL Test Q&A

In order to prepare yourself for this quite difficult test, you first need to be sure that you have a good source of practice questions and answers to learn from. You can study until you are blue in the face, but if you don’t have a reliable source, you could be wasting your time or worse – setting yourself up for failure.

The best places to find these tests are from the actual test writers; however, you should be fully aware that these writers may not always have CDL practice tests available for the state you seek your license in for you to take. You should always look for the NEWEST, most updated tests available. Anything out of date may not have been updated to the newest procedures and standards for truckers. Updated practice tests are crucial to your passing grade.

The rules of the road are constantly changing, as new construction and upgrades are made each year. You need your practice questions to be as close to the real thing as it gets. If you have trouble finding something from an original source (the CDL company), look for another CDL company which creates their own practice exams. Be sure to ask them how often they update their questions and answers, as well as when the last update was done.

You can also find great Florida CDL information such as different sections on each class of the test, age requirements, and any required endorsements at the official government website here .

A full PDF is also available through the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles site.

How To Take The Florida CDL Practice Test

Before you get to the top, you must first work your way up from the bottom. The same applies when considering taking your Florida CDL license test; you need to review the information beforehand. Most Florida DMV testing centers can offer you a booklet full of information as well. Although you may be planning on taking a few online tests, you should definitely read through this booklet a couple of times to learn the basics of the information. It can only help improve your overall score on the actual test.

If you are looking to obtain your Florida CDL permit, you can find many helpful practice tests online. Not only does this make the test much easier to digest, but you receive your results instantly. Once you’ve reviewed your questions, and targeted your trouble areas, take the test again. The next time around, you should pay extra close attention to the questions you got wrong the first time around. If you happen to find a test that does NOT provide the correct answers, be sure to look up the correct answers in your booklet.

Lastly, you should remember that these practice tests are there to help you succeed. Depending on the success (or failure) of your first few Florida CDL practice tests, you may want to consider repeating the practicing process a few more times. This will ensure you remember which answers are correct. You should focus primarily on any questions you have answered incorrectly.

While these practice tests are free, you will have to pay for the actual Florida CDL test, unless you are being signed through a company who is willing to pay for it for you. Because you will more than likely have to pay (and it’s not exactly a cheap test to take), make sure you are comfortable with all the practice questions before taking the real CDL test. This way, you will not waste your valuable time or money on a test you can’t yet pass.

Help Finding Good Florida CDL Practice Test Questions

Here is a list of questions (answers at the bottom of this page) to help guide you through each classification, whether you are looking to obtain your Class A, B, or C CDL:

  1. General Knowledge Test Questions:

Q: You should use your low beams whenever you can.

A: See bottom of page for answer (true or false question).

Q: What are you required to check BEFORE transporting a sealed load?

A: See bottom of page for answer.

  • A. The placard numbers match the seal numbers
  • B. The seal is authentic
  • C. The seal is secure
  • D. The load is properly secured
  1. Air Brakes Test Questions:

Q: How do you check the air-compressor-governor ‘cut-in’ & ‘cut-out’ pressures…

A: See bottom of page for answer.

  • A. Run the engine at a fast idle
  • B. Step on and off the brake in order to reduce tank pressure
  • C. Monitor the air pressure gauge carefully
  • D. All of the above

Q: The air compressor is connected to the engine through…

A: See bottom of page for answer.

  • A. Gears
  • B. Hoses
  • C. V Belt
  • D. First or Third Option
  1. Combination Vehicle Endorsement Questions:

Q: A device that is used to connect the service & emergency air-lines from a truck to a trailer is called…

A: See bottom of page for answers.

  • A. Service couplers
  • B. Shut-Off valves
  • C. The relay switch
  • D. Glad hands

Q: Semi trailers which were crafted before 1975 that have air brakes…

A. See bottom of page for answers.

  • A. Often do not have spring breaks
  • B. Usually needs a glad hand converter
  • C. Are much easier to brake because they are heavier
  • D. Only were equipped with spring brakes

With the help of these questions, as well as studying from your Florida CDL Learners Permit Brochure and booklet, you will be well on your way to an exciting and rewarding period in your life.

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