[Infographic] Will Drivers Licenses Be Needed In the Future

by Joshua on October 31, 2013

Thanks to advances in technology, everyday tasks continue to get easier and easier for society. For many, the idea of self-driving cars seems like a technology that would only be available to the general public in the far distant future. In recent years however, a handful of companies have been making investments to make this seemingly unimaginable innovation possible. Having already completed 300,000 test drive miles without incident using its driverless car, Google is one such company that has been working hard to bring the concept of self-driving vehicle technology to fruition. In addition, other companies have developed similar technology that is changing the way drivers operate their vehicles—like autonomous parking, advanced GPS systems, and integrated obstacle avoidance and detection systems. In the following infographic, we outline additional information about driverless cars, introduce other examples of other car technology currently being introduced to the public, and discuss what’s in store for the future of driving and transportation.

Will Drivers Licenses Be Needed In the Future Infographic

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