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Tips For Driving On Black Ice

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Black ice is usually found on roadways when temperatures hover around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We’ll be listing some valuable tips in the this article to help keep you safe from black ice when driving in black ice conditions. What Is Black Ice? Black ice is essentially glazed, transparent films of ice spread across various portions of the road. It’s referred to as “black ice” due to its translucent appearance, which allows you to see the black pavement underneath it. Often, drivers aren’t able ... Read More

How To Drive On Icy Roads With A 4x4

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Living in a country that experiences frequent snowstorms and owning a vehicle that runs on a four-wheel drive means your best bet to staying safe while driving is to engage all four wheels. Vehicles with four-wheel drive systems are specially designed to provide sufficient traction on slippery ice roadways due to their size and quality tires that offer superior traction. Continue reading to learn how to safely drive on icy roads with a 4×4 vehicle. Tips For Driving a 4×4 On Ice While they mak... Read More

The Three Key Elements To Safe Winter Driving

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Over 116,780 people are injured, and at least 1,300 deaths are recorded annually due to car crashes on icy roads. Such disheartening statistics remind us of how important it is to take extra precautions during winter. While driving during winter can be very unsafe, a significant percentage of traffic collisions can be easily avoided when drivers stay prepared. This article will provide some safe winter driving tips to help avoid any road incident all through the winter. Slow Down It’s imperat... Read More

Five Things A Driver Should Do When Driving In The Fog

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
If you’ve ever driven on a foggy road, you need no further explanation as to why driving and fog don’t mix. The thicker the fog, the more difficult it is for drivers to see and navigate the road. This significantly increases the chances of hitting objects, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Even mildly thick fogs can be a risk to you and your passengers. Without exercising proper caution, it can trigger a chain reaction with other vehicles. While fog is often temporary, it is unsuitable for dri... Read More

How A Driver Can Avoid Hydroplaning

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Hydroplaning is when a vehicle’s tires begin to move on the surface of standing water left on the road by heavy downpours instead of the road itself. Contrary to what some drivers believe, it’s possible to hydroplane on fairly damp roads. Hydroplaning on major roads exposes drivers to the risk of collision. It’s not difficult to avoid hydroplaning if you know when to expect it. However, to do so, you must keep a few things at the back of your mind while driving in wet conditions. we put toget... Read More


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