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The Worst Drivers By State

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
High rates of fatal car accidents are common in U.S. states with the worst drivers. These accidents usually involve drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, and violating traffic laws. South Carolina and Mississippi are among the states with the worst drivers in America. With advanced vehicle technology and better driver education, there can be a reduction in the risk of these accidents and the adoption of safe driving habits in these states with bad drivers. It’s easy to identify the worst... Read More

The Most Commonly Missed Questions On A California Permit Test

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
Although studying for the test and practicing the required driving skills is an excellent first step to getting your driving permit, it isn’t sufficient for many drivers. It’s tasking to take a driving test in-person with a test administrator or on a computer at the DMV. You can retake the DMV test, but you’ll have to pay the fee and reschedule for another day. In the U.S, some states put restrictions on the number of times you can take tests all year. In California, the maximum number of tim... Read More

The Difference Between Suspended License And Revoked License

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
The difference between license suspension and revocation is that license suspension involves the seizure of driving privileges for a specific duration. In contrast, license revocation is the permanent termination of driving privileges. What Is A Suspended License? Having a suspended driver’s license means you no longer have the right to drive. Getting caught driving with a suspended license can attract severe consequences like indefinite suspension, hefty fines, and even jail time. Depending ... Read More

Is It Legal To Mount Phone On Your Dashboard

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
It’s not considered illegal to use mounting devices while driving in California, South Dakota, Minnesota, Hawaii, Arkansas, and many other states, so long as the phone doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road and other cars. However, to avoid getting pulled over, ensure your mobile phone is mounted on the dashboard, around the lower corner of your windshield, and remove all non-transparent materials from the dashboard and center console. Is It Ok For Drivers To Use Cell Phones Or GPS De... Read More

What Happens When Tires Get Too Hot

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
When summer heat and friction are combined, the result is a spike in tire pressure which often leads to burnout. Since wear and tear combined with a sudden bump in PSI caused by driving in extremely hot weather increase the likelihood of tires blowing out, it’s best to take the necessary measures to maintain your tires. What Happens To Overheated Tires? It’s essential to check your tires regularly for signs of wear. You should also inspect them for signs of cracking, as this indicates that yo... Read More


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