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When Traveling Abroad, Do You Know How Much You Can Legally Drink and Still Drive?

by Lisa on May 30, 2019.
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In the United States, the DUI level for drinking and driving is .08%. That’s about two drinks for an average sized guy, one drink for smaller, lighter women. Utah is the one exception. That fabulous state with loads of vacationers visiting lowered their drinking level to the lowest in the U.S. at .05%. That’s basically one drink for some, no drinks for lighter individuals. Those Mormons! Jeesh. "Here’s an article from Forbes": Read More

How to Sell Your Car

by Lisa on May 06, 2019.
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So, you listed your car for sale, found a buyer, and you’ve both agreed on a price. Now what? The first step is to collect any required paperwork. Title - You absolutely MUST have the title to your car in order to sell it. The title is proof of ownership. If you can’t find your title, you’ll need to get a new copy of it before you can collect payment for your car. " provides detailed instruction by state": for receiving a cop... Read More

Women In Trucking: Appealing to Women and Millenials

by Lisa on Apr 28, 2019.
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The trucking industry offers women equal pay with men, at a time when not many industries can make this claim. Yet, it is estimated that only six to seven percent of all drivers are women. The trucking industry is forecast to have a shortage of 175,000 drivers by the year 2024. All of this adds up to great opportunity for women, but questions as to why more women aren't already in the industry. The number of women truckers increases each year. More attention is being devoted to this sma... Read More

Pay Attention: Why your Teen's Adolescent Brain is a Road Safety Issue

by Joshua on Apr 15, 2019.
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As a parent, if you think back to your formative years as a teenager you might well cringe at some of the things you said and did at the time, but there are scientific reasons why aspects of our behavior at that age are difficult to control. The timeline of brain development in young people becomes an issue when it comes to teens getting behind the wheel of their first car, as it can hamper their ability to react to a situation developing in front of them on the road. Scientific studies... Read More

Do Bans on Texting While Driving Make the Roads Safer?

by Lisa on Apr 08, 2019.
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Almost everyone recognizes that it’s not safe to text and drive. Forty-seven states have passed legislation making texting while driving illegal. Fifteen states have passed laws making the use of a handheld phone while driving illegal. Have these new laws been effective? Has there been a decline in fatalities and motor related accidents linked to distracted driving? Distracted driving actually references a wide variety of distracted behaviors, such as changing the radio or passing som... Read More