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What To Do When You Get Pulled Over By Police

by Jim on Dec 09, 2022.
Almost every driver has gotten pulled over by the police at one time or another. Traffic stops can either lead to an arrest or a verbal warning. Statistics show that up to 50,000 drivers get pulled over by the police on a typical day. Getting pulled over is an experience that could make any driver agitated, as there is uncertainty about what to expect even when you think you’re innocent. What should you do when you experience a traffic stop? When pulled over by a police officer, you must know... Read More

What Is A Driving Learner's Permit?

by Jim on Dec 09, 2022.
A driving learner’s permit is similar to a regular driver’s license but with limited privileges. It is usually issued to novice drivers who have yet to meet all the necessary criteria for obtaining an actual driver’s license. Typically, learning drivers are expected to hold a learner’s permit for a specific period, through which they must take driving lessons and road tests. Practice tests are crucial as they help build the confidence of novice drivers. Although participants often need to tak... Read More

How To Handle A Tire Blowout

by Jim on Dec 09, 2022.
Tire blowouts are unpredictable and are very dangerous since they occur while driving. A tire blowout can be caused by many different reasons, for instance, lack of proper tire maintenance, tear and wear, underinflation, high temperatures, etc. A tire blowout can be described as when tires suddenly rupture and lose air rapidly due to built-up wear. It can happen in an instant, catching even the most experienced drivers off guard, fortunately, there are a few easy techniques that should help p... Read More

Automatic Fails On The California Driving Test

by Jim on Dec 09, 2022.
To get your license as a new driver, you’ll have pass the practical DMV test, which you would take on the road. You can make some mistakes when taking your DMV driver’s test, but a few points will be deducted from your overall score when you do so. So, it is crucial that you adequately prepare for it, as you’ll do for any other exam. Although some beginner drivers make certain common driving mistakes, it may result in an automatic fail regardless of how high or low the test score would otherw... Read More

Common Causes Of Windshield Damage

by Jim on Dec 08, 2022.
In most cases, windshield damages are caused by things as obvious as road debris thrown at high speeds from the hires of other vehicles while driving or even something less predictable, like the force of a foul ball at a football game. Below we’ll be discussing ten of the most common causes of windshield damage. The 10 Most Common Causes Of Windshield Cracks Having to repair or replace a damaged windshield can be a major hassle, more so if you’ve been putting off the windshield repair for a w... Read More


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