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How to overcome your fear of driving

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
Driving phobias stem from overwhelming distress at the thought of driving a vehicle. The physiological response is mostly centered on the nervous system and can lead to severe panic disorder in some individuals if left untreated. Some find it extremely unnerving to ride as passengers. In contrast, others have an aversion to specific driving situations, for instance, when they have to change lanes, drive through tunnels, over bridges, or when their vehicles begin to accelerate. A driving phobi... Read More

How To Get An International Driving Permit In The USA

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
International driver’s permits give foreigners the legal authority to drive in another country as long as they already possess valid driver’s licenses from their countries of origin. International driver’s permits are recognized and considered acceptable forms of driver identification in over 174 countries. Acquiring an international driver’s permit usually takes a day or a few weeks at most. However, this largely depends on if you are applying via mail or heading down to a brick and mortar o... Read More

How Much Distance Should Be Between A Car And A Bicycle?

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
Overtaking a cyclist on the road can be dangerous for the driver and the cyclist. Proper bicycle passing distance, driving speed, and knowledge of who has the right of way are crucial factors to successfully and safely pass a cyclist on the road. This article will examine the distance a car should give a bicycle when moving past it. Let’s dive in. The minimum distance between a motor vehicle and a bicycle should not be less than 3 feet apart, and this clearance should be maintained until the ... Read More

How To Deal With Sun Glare When Driving

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
A nice drive in the afternoon can take an unfortunate turn when the sun’s rays reflect directly into a driver’s eyes. While it’s sometimes unavoidable to drive on very sunny days, it can be risky to do so in instances where the sun’s angle creates an intense glare on a driver’s windshield. The glare from the sun can lead to temporary blindness, thereby making it almost impossible to see pedestrians and other vehicles around. While there’s no data on the precise number of road crashes caused b... Read More

How To Reduce Your Anxiety Before Road Test

by Jim on Nov 02, 2022.
After weeks of putting in the work and countless hours of supervised driving, many learner drivers still flunk their road tests. While there’s no denying the fact that constant practice and a qualified instructor can be pivotal to succeeding on a road test, the truth remains that uncontrolled nerves can render all preparation meaningless on the actual test day. Many people fail the road test because they lack confidence in their skills and not necessarily because they are bad drivers. If you’... Read More


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