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How Texting And Driving Affect Teens

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Every year, nearly 390,000 injuries happen from auto accidents, and 11 teenagers die daily due to texting and driving. You risk injury or killing other road users as a young person with a promising future if you text and drive or engage in distracted driving. Regardless of your driving experience, texting while driving should be avoided as it tends to reduce focus. This makes it more dangerous than other risky behaviors, such as speeding, calling, or drinking while driving. Statistics by NHTS... Read More

Tips For Driving In Snow And Ice Conditions

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Driving in bad weather conditions is very dangerous. During winter, most roads are covered in snow and ice (packed snow, black ice, etc.) Snow-covered roads lead to slippery surfaces, which makes winter driving quite delicate. In winter conditions, your vehicle’s tires are prone to lose traction very quickly, even when you use winter tires, and it can become difficult to stop quickly, make turns, or change speed. How can you ensure safe driving when you have to head out in snowy conditions? T... Read More

What Not To Do While Driving In The Rain

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
According to the U.S Department of Transportation, approximately 21 percent of vehicle crashes are weather-related accidents that happen in bad weather conditions and on wet roads. Seventy percent of weather-related accidents occur on wet pavement, and forty-six percent happen during rainfall. Although it is usually safe to drive in the rain, this article will talk about things you shouldn’t do while driving in the rain. If you have to drive in rainy weather, especially a torrential downpour,... Read More

Tips For Driving In Hot Weather

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Driving in the summer heat can be very challenging and downright uncomfortable, so it’s important to make the necessary preparations ahead of time. There’s hardly anyone who would disagree on how inconvenient taking long trips under the sun’s scorching heat can be, not to mention how difficult it can be to maintain focus on the road. Here are a few summer season preparation tips to help you stay comfortable and safe behind the wheel when summer is in full swing. Summer Driving Tips For Hot We... Read More

The Best Way To Drive Down A Mountain

by Jim on Sep 09, 2022.
Driving down a mountain sounds like a whole lot of fun, but in truth descending from steep mountain slopes can be quite challenging even for experienced drivers. Although it’s not the easiest thing to do, with some sure-footed skills and basic driving experience, you’ll surely be able to drive down mountain ranges safely. Downhill grades have a significant impact on a vehicle’s core components, this includes the engine, down to the brake pedal. Luckily, several precautions ensure your safety ... Read More


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