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Illinois FREE Motorcycle Practice Exam 2014

by Joshua on Apr 19, 2014.
Filed under: Illinois Motorcycle Exam
Before you apply for the Illinois motorcycle license you must first hold a permit for a period of no less than six months .Before the permit is granted you must complete a series of written tests. These tests ensure that you know the proper ways to operate a motorcycle. There are three sections of the test, each of which are timed, and if you have not studied it is highly unlikely that a passing score will be attained when it is time to turn your test in. if you don’t pass these written tests... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about the Florida Learners Permit course

by Joshua on Apr 17, 2014.
Filed under: Florida Learner's Permit Test
You will need to complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course and also pass your learner’s permit test before you plan to apply for a learner’s permit which is also known as the restricted driver’s license. The Florida Learners permit course is the authorized course and test certified by Florida department of Motor vehicles and Highway safety (DMV and DHSMV). This course helps you cover the most appropriate milestone required to fulfill your Florida learner’s permit. Below a... Read More

The Best and Worst Times to Visit the Arizona DMV

by Joshua on Apr 09, 2014.
Filed under: Arizona
DMV offices these days are getting rushed up unlike some 20, 30 years back where you could approach them without an appointment and without any long waits. However, you may have to stand in long lines whether you want to get your new license or renew or for whatever services that DMV can provide you. However, one should be very much grateful to the internet and phone services where you can easily approach Arizona DMV with pre-booked appointments. However, even with online appointments, it is... Read More

How to Renew Your State ID Card in Massachusetts

by Joshua on Apr 07, 2014.
Filed under: Massachusetts
State ID cards are issued by Massachusetts Registry of Motor vehicles (RMV) for those residents who have no valid driver’s license, or instruction permits or the Identification card. These ID cards are used to provide your age, residence and identity in various situations. This ID card is valid for 5 years and this expires usually on your birthday after it gets issued. Massachusetts issues Massachusetts ID as well as Massachusetts Liquor ID. So you really do not have to worry if you do not ha... Read More

About The Texas Defensive Driving Course

by Joshua on Apr 04, 2014.
Filed under: Texas
Did you know that a lot of insurance companies will give you a reduction on your auto insurance premium just for taking a defensive driving course? If you are wondering why you should take a defensive driving course, then here is the appropriate and more technical reason. If you have got a ticket while driving in Texas or you are trying to apply for insurance rate reduction, then it is important that you should take a defensive driving course. You can easily clear your records with the help o... Read More


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