The Best and Worst Times to Visit the Arizona DMV

by Joshua on April 09, 2014

DMV offices these days are getting rushed up unlike some 20, 30 years back where you could approach them without an appointment and without any long waits. However, you may have to stand in long lines whether you want to get your new license or renew or for whatever services that DMV can provide you. However, one should be very much grateful to the internet and phone services where you can easily approach Arizona DMV with pre-booked appointments. However, even with online appointments, it is still required to visit the DMV office in person in order to get your work done.

The Department of Motor vehicles in Arizona

The Department of Motor vehicles in Arizona functions very similarly to those that are in other states. Arizona DMV serves the requests of people aspiring to get their driver’s license with the help of token system. Initially everyone has to go in the same line except those who have got their appointments booked in advance. Once people enter inside, they will be given a token where they need to make a wait in a room. Every person with a token is served based upon their request number called. Whether you go for the written test , or capturing your picture or waiting for giving your road test, you will still have to wait for quite a while in the queue if you do not know what is the right time (non rush hour) to visit the Arizona DMV office.

If you are in a hurry to finish your work at the DMV office, it is good to book appointments. However, these days the appointment queues are also quite long making people very uncomfortable. Not to worry, you still will have many alternate timings which you can adjust and reach the DMV office to get your work done quickly. Here are the best and worst times to visit Arizona DMV.

Best time to visit Arizona DMV

Best time is nothing but the shortest wait time to visit the DMV office which is most preferred by all people. Here are a few slots in which you can get your things done quickly.

  • In the middle of the month
  • In the middle of the week specially Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • The rush is too low right before the lunch that is before noon. In case you wish to wait till the lunch hour you will have to stand in the long queue.
  • Mid afternoon, around 2:30 PM to 3 PM can have lower wait time because requests of people before this time would have already been processed.

Worst time to visit Arizona DMV

No one would prefer to have the longest wait time at the DMV office. Here are a few tips to avoid having the longest waiting time at the DMV office.

  • Right before the holiday or following the holiday
  • On Mondays and Fridays of every week DMV offices are packed up with long queues and long wait time
  • The first and the last week of every month is rush as the licenses and registrations usually expire during these days
  • Avoid going during lunch hour especially between 12 PM to 2 PM in the afternoon.

Other Times to Visit

Besides the wait time, you should also keep in mind few other things which will save long wait in the DMV office.

  • Be prepared with all your documentation work so that you need not have to go for corrections and keep waiting for rechecking and re submission. This indeed will save you quite a lot of time.
  • Make sure you carry your own pen, pad and anything else you would think you need to get your work done in the DMV office. You will not have to keep running for stationeries in case you need some form filled.
  • Make sure you keep a photo copy of your originals and in case the DMV tries to make a copy of your original documents, you can produce the photo copy to them without having to wait until they take a copy of your documents and bring back your originals.
  • Try booking appointments in advance. This can help you save some more time in addition to the above
  • Using credit cards and checks will fasten your transactions

There are some DMVs which are not that rush during any time of the day. Try to figure out which are those DMV offices and whether you are applicable to avail the services over there and book appointments in those DMV offices. This will really save you from standing and getting tired in the long waiting queues. Above all, you should remember to visit at the right time specified above to avoid long waits.

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