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Frequently Asked Questions about the Florida Learners Permit course

by Joshua on Apr 17, 2014.
Filed under: Florida Learner's Permit Test
You will need to complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course and also pass your learner’s permit test before you plan to apply for a learner’s permit which is also known as the restricted driver’s license. The Florida Learners permit course is the authorized course and test certified by Florida department of Motor vehicles and Highway safety (DMV and DHSMV). This course helps you cover the most appropriate milestone required to fulfill your Florida learner’s permit. Below a... Read More

Getting A Learner's Permit In Your Home State

by Joshua on Dec 09, 2013.
Filed under: National Learner's Permit
When we become teenagers, our ultimate fantasy is to be allowed to drive — we fantasize it from childhood and look forward to the day when we get out first car and license. To achieve this dream there are a few steps you must first accomplish, the very first and perhaps most important of these steps is to attain a learner’s permit in the state in which you live. Each state has its own set of rules and requirements that you must first complete before you can apply for a learners permit. Before... Read More

Looking Forward to Your Learner's Permits or Learner's License

by Joshua on Nov 22, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Learning to drive is something we all look forward to the older we get and something some us become very nervous about the closer we get to become a licensed driver. Being nervous and having fun are all a part of earning your driving permit and learning to drive but it also must be taken seriously. In each state there is a set of road rules and regulations as well as safety and traffic laws we must learn about and become knowledgeable in to pass the permit exam successfully and get a learners... Read More

Learning to Drive, Basic Guide to Getting a Learners Permit

by Joshua on Nov 06, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Acquiring your learners permit something most people look at as a rite of passage for teenagers across the globe, although to many it may seem a nerve racking and difficult task to complete. Taking the time to prepare for all aspects of the testing portion of earning your permit can promote an easier transition to learning to drive both for your drivers license test and in general become and accomplished and safe drive. One of the most important parts of getting ready to ta... Read More

Helping Your Child to Pass the Drivers Tests: Part 2

by Joshua on Aug 16, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Getting a first drivers license is an important time in any teenager’s life as it marks a milestone in adolescence. As a part you want to assure that your child is safe when out on the roadways and this can be achieved by being a part of the testing and licensing process. In addition to assisting them in preparation for the vision exam, written tests and driving test you will also have an excellent opportunity to share wisdom and teach safe, defensive driving habits they will carry with them ... Read More


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