How to Renew Your State ID Card in Massachusetts

by Joshua on April 07, 2014

State ID cards are issued by Massachusetts Registry of Motor vehicles (RMV) for those residents who have no valid driver’s license, or instruction permits or the Identification card. These ID cards are used to provide your age, residence and identity in various situations. This ID card is valid for 5 years and this expires usually on your birthday after it gets issued. Massachusetts issues Massachusetts ID as well as Massachusetts Liquor ID. So you really do not have to worry if you do not have your driver’s license. Massachusetts State ID will help it all. You can explore more on this here

Massachusetts ID Card Eligibility Requirements

As we know that Massachusetts RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) can offer 2 types of state ID – namely, Massachusetts ID and the Liquor ID , their eligibility requirements are also different.

Requirements of Massachusetts ID are as below:

  • The candidate should be minimum 14 years of age.
  • You should be Massachusetts resident
  • You should not hold a license in any other State in US
  • You should hold a Social Security number or a denial letter which should be certified by SSA.

If you are trying to avail Massachusetts Liquor ID, then the below requirements should be satisfied:

  • The candidate should not be more than 21 years old
  • The candidate should not be holding Massachusetts driver’s license
  • Besides this, you should be holding a Social Security number or a denial letter certified by SSA

Renew your Massachusetts State ID

Usually Massachusetts’s State ID expires every 5 years—however; the Liquor IDs cannot be renewed that easily. You will have to reapply for the same when your current Mass Liquor ID expires. These days as per the new rule RMV has stopped sending renewal notice to the candidates, hence you must be aware of the MA ID card date of expiry. It is necessary to keep renewing your MA ID once in 7 years before it expires—you should also be eligible to renew MA ID card online as well. If not you will invariably have to visit the nearest RMV office and apply for renewal. Make sure you remember that you will not be able to renew it by mail. Adding a veteran indicator will need a personal visit to the RMV office.

Modes of Renewing your Massachusetts ID

renewal and in-person renewal are the 2 main options available in Massachusetts.

You will need your Mass ID card number, full name, birthday and Social security number in order to be eligible to apply for the online renewal of your Massachusetts ID. You will need to pay a fee of $25 in order to renew online. Once you make the payment and submit your renewal application, your card will arrive in about 7-10 business days.

In person renewal for an online renewal visit you would need to visit a Massachusetts branch office to get your ID renewed. The candidate will have to complete the Class M, D, or D/M License along with the ID card application form. You will also have to provide the proof of birth date, MA residency and signature. Your expiring ID card will have all these details. The renewal fee is around $25. If the candidate is a veteran, then a veteran status indicator will have to be added to your MA identity card. Along with this, you will have to get one of the below documents such as a DD-214 or DD-215 displaying an honorable discharge with the discharge form.

You can replace your Massachusetts ID card online or by phone or going to the RMV in person. $25 replacement fee need to be paid in order to replace your Mass ID card in person. Whether you have lost or the card is stolen, you are eligible to replace your MA ID card easily.

Renewing Military & Veteran Massachusetts ID cards

If you are currently serving in the military, you will not be required to renew the Massachusetts ID card and will have to be stationed out of state. The dependents however will have to be renewed. You can even apply for a non-photo ID card for which you would need to complete Class D, D/M or M license and identity card application. You will have around 60 days to renew your Massachusetts ID once you complete your military service and return from your honorable discharge.

Veterans can avail ID cards without paying any additional fees and RMV will endorse a veteran’s indicator on your Massachusetts ID card. In case your veteran’s status being displayed on the Mass ID card, then you will have to bring one of the below documents when you are applying for Mass ID card: A DD 214 as well as 215 showing honorable discharge along with the honorable discharge form.

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