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About The Texas Defensive Driving Course

by Joshua on Apr 04, 2014.
Filed under: Texas
Did you know that a lot of insurance companies will give you a reduction on your auto insurance premium just for taking a defensive driving course? If you are wondering why you should take a defensive driving course, then here is the appropriate and more technical reason. If you have got a ticket while driving in Texas or you are trying to apply for insurance rate reduction, then it is important that you should take a defensive driving course. You can easily clear your records with the help o... Read More

DPS Test Questions and Answers for Texas DPS

by Joshua on Sep 15, 2013.
Filed under: Texas Texas Driver's License Written Test, Texas Learner's Permit Test
Obtaining a driver’s license and the freedom of the road is an anticipated life event for new drivers of all ages from teens to adults. A driver’s license can be used to make daily living easier or for recreation and in some cases become a decent form of income. Driving is not only a privilege, it is also a responsibility and the Department of Public Safety takes this very seriously. At first glance the entire licensing process may seem overly complicated but each portion of the DPS system is... Read More

Required Testing Procedures and Time Schedules for a License in Texas

by Joshua on Aug 23, 2013.
Filed under: Texas
The Texas DMV requires many types of testing and the exams you are required to take will depend on your age group and the type of license you are applying for. Minors must complete each phase of the Graduated license program if they wish to obtain the privilege of operating a personal vehicle on roads. In addition, all adult new drivers and new residents to the state must apply for a standard driver’s license in order to legally drive on Texas roadways. Some adult drivers may also want to pur... Read More


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