DPS Test Questions and Answers for Texas DPS

by Joshua on September 15, 2013

Obtaining a driver’s license and the freedom of the road is an anticipated life event for new drivers of all ages from teens to adults. A driver’s license can be used to make daily living easier or for recreation and in some cases become a decent form of income. Driving is not only a privilege, it is also a responsibility and the Department of Public Safety takes this very seriously. At first glance the entire licensing process may seem overly complicated but each portion of the DPS system is in place for the safety of the new driver and others sharing the road with them.

The driver’s license process is comprised of several mandatory steps each new driver must complete before they will be given the privilege of operating a motorized vehicle of any class. This is true for teen and adult first time drivers getting a standard operating license and each time a driver applies for a different type of license for the first time such as motorcycle or CDL. The steps include:

  • The application
  • Required documentation proving identity, citizenship and other factors for qualification
  • Paying fees
  • The testing process

During each step the new driver must complete all of the DPS requirements before they will be allowed to move onward in the processing and being unprepared can result in loss of time and in some cases money. The testing process itself is divided into three portions; The Knowledge test, vision screening and final driving skills test. While the final step is not taking during the permit application process, drivers may find they are taking the vision screening and knowledge test several times before the event is complete.

What to expect on the DPS written test

Once the application and documentation steps have been completed to approval, the knowledge test must be taken in order to continue on to the other stages of the examination process. It is the first test administered after fees have been collected in Texas. The required fees allow the application three attempts at the test before the entire process must repeated including paying additional expenses so it is important that the driver understand what to expect from written test and how to pass on the first attempt.

The test is license class specific meaning that test questions for each will be a combination of general state driving laws and specific aspects of operating the motor vehicle the license gives permission for. The written test dmvcheatsheets.com is given when any applicant applies for a learners permit and then once again at the licensing stage. Those applying for a CDL will not have the same class-specific questions on the test as those wishing to drive a motorcycle because each type of vehicle comes with specific safety concepts the new driver must show they understand.

Within each class, no two tests will be the same as the test questions are randomly generated from a pool of hundreds of possible scenarios found in the DPS database. So the driver will not have the same test for the license process as they did when applying for the original permit. Each class test will consist of 30 multiple choice test questions and the driver must answer 21 correctly for a minimum 70% passing score. Possible question types may include such areas as:

  • Texas state traffic laws
  • Proper identification of street signs and their procedures
  • Traffic signals
  • Yielding the right-of-way
  • Rules of road safety
  • Vehicle operation questions
  • Drinking, drugs and driving laws and safety concerns

Preparing to pass the written test

Even the most seasoned driver with a learners permit will find studying is the main way to assure a passing score on the first try. Traffic laws change and some information is forgotten during the 6 months of road practice. There are several key materials each new driver should obtain that will assist them in receiving a passing score with ease. The Texas DPS has generated class specific Driver’s Handbooks that contain all of the vehicle specific information found on the written test. The driver must obtain a copy of the appropriate handbook either from a DPS branch or online in PDF format.

In addition to the driver’s handbook, the second key tools are cheat sheets generated by dmvcheatsheets. These are detailed guides that contain information regarding driving in the state of Texas created in a manner that is written test focused. The material is organized in such a way that the cheat sheets can be used as a main source of preparation study but also can be an excellent review for last minute study the day of testing.

The final and most overlooked sources of study are practice tests, also generated by dmvcheatsheets.com. Practice tests are not just a way to check the new driver’s ability to retain information but also can reinforce the materials with hands on practice. Practice tests are also a great way to get a feel for the actual testing procedure and reduce test day jitters for those that do not like taking exams. Practice tests should be taken through out study and the actual test not attempted until the application can achieve the minimum score for passing.

Some examples of written test questions that are very similar to those found in actual testing may include such questions as:

  1. When approaching an intersection that is not controlled by signs or signals, the driver should yield the right of way:
  • Any vehicle approaching from the right
  • Only if a vehicle reaches the intersection first and is on the left
  • Never if traveling east to west
  • All of the above
  1. When approaching a railroad crossing and the signals has begun to flash, the driver should:
  • stop at least 15 feet before the gates and wait for the train to pass
  • Wait at the closest traffic signal for the gates to raise and continue
  • Stop directly in front of the lowered gates and turn on high beam headlights
  • speed up to beat the train before the gates lower
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