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FREE North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test 2014

by Joshua on Mar 17, 2014.
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North Carolina DMV has changed this year’s questions for the Permit test. If you are trying to study for the Permit test, and then make sure you go through the North Carolina DMV Handbook which has a few sample questions that can help you understand the pattern better. Though the questions may not be exactly the same in your real exam, this can definitely help you give some insight about the test. The DMV site online also provides some sample papers. You can explore more about the North Carol... Read More

DMV Test Questions and Answers for the North Carolina DMV

by Joshua on Sep 06, 2013.
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It is mandatory for every driver in the state of North Carolina to obtain and carry with them the proper driver’s license for their particular needs and vehicle type. This system is the DMV’s way of assuring that each driver on the road has been properly identified and their skills tested to lower the accident rates. Each individual in the state intending to drive for a number of reasons from work-related transportation to recreation will eventually do business with the DMV and the system may... Read More

How to Get Your First Driver’s License in North Carolina

by Joshua on Jun 14, 2013.
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Receiving your driver’s license when you turn 18 has always been considered a huge milestone in teenage life. To many, their driver’s license means gaining a new freedom and can be an exciting time for them. So there is nothing more disappointing that failing your driver’s tests or being denied your license at any point through out the process due to a missed step or mistake. The following guidelines will take you through the process of applying for and receiving your first driver’s license. ... Read More

Obscure But Important North Carolina Driving Laws

by Joshua on Jan 23, 2013.
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If you live in North Carolina there are a number of laws the NC DMV considers part of their "Road Rules" series. Some of them you might know, and some you may have never even heard of. Regardless, when taking your written driver's test any one of these laws might just turn up. We summarize them here, but you can find the complete list by visiting the NC DOT's website at "": Fender Bender ... Read More