How to Get Your First Driver’s License in North Carolina

by Joshua on June 14, 2013

Receiving your driver’s license when you turn 18 has always been considered a huge milestone in teenage life. To many, their driver’s license means gaining a new freedom and can be an exciting time for them. So there is nothing more disappointing that failing your driver’s tests or being denied your license at any point through out the process due to a missed step or mistake. The following guidelines will take you through the process of applying for and receiving your first driver’s license. This guide will also offer some tips for making the process smooth and assist you in avoiding common pitfalls along the way. Keep in mind as you move through the steps that the process of receiving your driver’s license is not just about getting that laminated ID but in addition it is preparing you to be a safe, defensive driver while on the road. Your safety, as well as that of your passengers and other driver’s on the road should be the first thing on your mind at all times, and you can help preserve that safety by studying hard and not cutting corners during your road to receiving your driver’s license.

Take Your Driver’s Education Course

In order to obtain a driver’s permit in the state of North Carolina you must first attend a driver’s education course. There are many companies in North Carolina that offer driver’s education courses including online classes. Most public schools also offer after-school and summer courses that are provided by the district. In addition, many local private companies offer driver’s education classes. Be sure to do to your research and shop around before you chose which service you will use to take your classes, as each is allowed to set their own prices. Also request a copy of the courses curriculum and be sure that it covers everything you will need to know for the tests, and combine classroom and physical driving built into the program to assure you receive a well-rounded training. Once you have found the school of your choice, attend the classes. Pay attention and study hard as you will need the information you are obtaining if you wish to receive your driver’s license.

Obtaining your Driver’s Permit

Once you have completed your driver’s training course, you will need to apply for your license and obtain your learners permit. This is done through your local North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. One the day you apply, be sure that you bring all of the required documentation with you to your local office. Write a checklist and go through it once more before you leave the house to save time and hassle. On the day of application you will need the follow documentation:

  • A picture ID. This can be a state ID, student ID or any other form of identification with your photo.
  • Your birth certificate and social security card. This information is used to prove your citizenship.
  • One additional piece of identification. This can be a photo id or non-photo piece of identity.
  • A copy of your driver’s education certificate. This shows the Department of Motor Vehicles that you have taken and passed the first portion of your Driver’s education and are prepared to take your permit test.

Once you provided all of the proper identification to the Department of Motor Vehicles and submitting your application, you will be given a brief vision test. This is done in the actual office and takes a few minutes.

The driver’s permit test is very similar to the final test you will take in the final steps of the process. It is set up with multiple choice questions and will cover information found in your driver’s education course and in the North Carolina Driver’s Manual. This can be found online or obtain a free copy at your local branch office. Many people fail this test the first time, and this is mainly due to not studying before hand so be sure to go through the manual thoroughly. In addition you can find assistance online at such websites as who offer helpful tips and information as well as practice tests to assure you are ready.

Your Final Testing

Once you have obtained your permit and spent some time practicing with a licensed driver, it is time to take your final written and road tests to receive your license. Before you take your tests, make sure that re-read over your materials again and obtain as much road practice as possible if you wish to pass on the first try. The written test is administered only at your local DMV branch office and will consist of multiple choice questions based on the information in DMV manual. Once you have passed this test, you can then take your final road test, which is offered through many private companies in your local areas. Again be sure to shop around for the best price before choosing a testing facility. You should also gather some information about the test before hand including whether or not you will be using your own vehicle or one issued by the agency. This helps you better prepare as your own vehicle must pass a safety inspection as part of your testing.

Passing your tests can be easy if you prepare ahead of time and study hard. Remember to remain calm during testing, and in the right frame of mind with no distractions and you will be on the road in no-time.

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