FREE North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test 2014

by Joshua on March 17, 2014

North Carolina DMV has changed this year’s questions for the Permit test. If you are trying to study for the Permit test, and then make sure you go through the North Carolina DMV Handbook which has a few sample questions that can help you understand the pattern better. Though the questions may not be exactly the same in your real exam, this can definitely help you give some insight about the test. The DMV site online also provides some sample papers. You can explore more about the North Carolina DMV permit test here

North Carolina DMV

DMV is a private organization which takes the responsibility of issuing licenses, renewing them, accepting fees, distributing application forms and handbooks, taking your head shot photographs in order to fix it to your driver license ID, collecting your legal documents, process them and validate your legal presence, conduct behind the wheels driving test and many more. You can schedule online appointments or call them and book your slot or even make a personal visit to the DMV office and get an appointment. Visit them to know.


  • If you are above 15.5 years of age, you will be eligible to apply for a driver’s license permit. Teenagers need to get the application signed by their guardians or parents who are at least 21 years of age.
  • Make sure you submit your date of birth proof. It could be either in your passport or any other IDs. You can even submit a copy of your birth certificate.
  • You should be legally present in USA, so submit all the legal proof documents showing your valid residential status. You don’t have to be a US citizen. You can either hold a Green Card or another valid visa as long as your status is legal. However, make sure you submit all the documents for proof.
  • In case you have license from another state, you may have to surrender them in North Carolina DMV and reapply for a new one. You will have to go through all the process from the scratch.
  • You need to pay the fees and clear eye test
  • North Carolina is very strict in case you are minor. You may have to get the notarized certificate form from your school for showing you have minimum required attendance.

About North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test

The North Carolina test comprises of multiple choice questions. The knowledge test is about the traffic rules, signals, and safe driving practices. It is always recommended to take the practice test before you write the actual exam for availing your license. The 2014 questions for DMV permit has changed, hence it is essential that you go through the free North Carolina practice permit test thoroughly. Make sure you need to clear at least 75% of the questions corrects. As there are no negative marking, you are free to attempt at the questions. You can attend the DMV test as many times as possible until you clear the test. Just make sure you need to pay the exam fees every time you attend the test.

The DMV provides handbook or manual where you can go through some of the free practice questions. Besides this, the DMV site also hosts a couple of question papers just to show you the changed pattern for this year. Also, you can buy some question papers from the DMV website for a nominal fee which has full edition of practice questions. These practice questions help you to familiarize with the type of questions and pattern that might appear in the real test.

Sample Questions for Free North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test 2014

1. The type of headlight beams that can be used when following another vehicle at night within 200 ft ________

a) Emergency flashes
b) High beams
c) Low beams
d) Either low or high beams

2. A flagger on the road will warn the driver only if

a) Accident
b) An event head
c) Construction on road ahead
d) Emergency vehicle ahead

3. Seat belt law in North Carolina requires ______ to wear seat belts

a) Driver and all passengers
b) Driver and rear passengers
c) Driver and front seat passengers
d) Only driver and passengers under 16

4. The faster you drive your vehicle on the freeway; you need to ____________stop your vehicle.

a) Less following distance
b) Less braking distance
c) More following distance
d) None

5. When an emergency vehicle approaches you

a) Drive to right hand side of the curb on the road and stop
b) Drive to left hand side or edge and stop
c) Stop immediately wherever you are
d) Increase your speed and clear the lane quickly

  1. Answers

1. ©
2. ©
3. (a)
4. ©
5. (a)

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