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How to Avoid Wait Times at the DMV

by Lisa on Apr 05, 2019.
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Wait times at the DMV are so notoriously horrendous that they actually featured in a blockbuster movie, Zootopia, with sloths serving as the employees at the DMV. What’s the best way to avoid wait times at the DMV? h4. Appointments Most DMV’s allow you to schedule appointments online. You can search your state’s DMV website and find out what they offer. An easy way to do this is to simply enter “appointments” into the search field on the state’s site. Some states, like N... Read More

AB 60 Latest & Greatest: Californians Experience Long Lines

by Lisa on Jan 19, 2015.
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AB 60 Updates in California continue to roll in. The most worrisome finding? Long lines. Roxanna Kopetman reported for "The OC Register": that the DMV is a madhouse, and even those with appointments have long waits. h3. Here are some important things to remember: * As of December 1, 2014, all first-time drivers applicants MUST have an appointment. * If you can handle your DMV matter online, you are STRONGLY en... Read More