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AB60 One Year Later: Success or Failure?

by Lisa on Jan 20, 2016.
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In January 2015, California passed controversial legislation known as AB 60. This bill allowed noncitizens to legally acquire a driver’s license. Even though California was not the first state to bravely allow noncitizens to drive legally, many conservative Republicans argued against the bill, putting forth anti-immigrant arguments. A significant point opponents made was that the "bill would reward people for breaking the law": Read More

The Unexpected Benefit of AB 60? Organ Donor Surge

by Lisa on May 15, 2015.
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California has seen a significant increase in organ donors following the January 2 implementation of AB 60 which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driving licenses. 9 out of 10 organ donors register at the DMV, and as of March 3, 167,000 new licenses to undocumented immigrants had been distributed. From January 2, 2015 through March 30, 2015, the CA DMV received, 502,000 applicants for licenses under AB 60, far more than CA originally forecast. No updated numbers on organ donors hav... Read More

AB 60 Latest & Greatest: Californians Experience Long Lines

by Lisa on Jan 19, 2015.
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AB 60 Updates in California continue to roll in. The most worrisome finding? Long lines. Roxanna Kopetman reported for "The OC Register": that the DMV is a madhouse, and even those with appointments have long waits. h3. Here are some important things to remember: * As of December 1, 2014, all first-time drivers applicants MUST have an appointment. * If you can handle your DMV matter online, you are STRONGLY en... Read More

Bottom Line: Immigrant Drivers Need To Study

by Lisa on Jan 09, 2015.
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This week marks the first full week that noncitizens can apply for a California driver's license. The California DMV released initial numbers on January 6 and pass rates are not looking good. As of Tuesday, January 6: * Pass/Fail Statewide Average for English Tests: 54% Pass/46% Fail * Pass/Fail Statewide Average for Spanish Tests: 36% Pass/64% Fail What should drivers be doing to study for the test? h3. 1. Get the California Driver's Handbook In Your Language The manual fo... Read More

Astounding Number of Immigrants Hurry To Get CA Licenses

by Lisa on Jan 08, 2015.
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Effective January 2, 2015, California started issuing drivers licenses to residents that are not US citizens. As predicted, lines started forming at DMV's early Friday morning. California has an estimated 2.4 million undocumented residents that are not yet US citizens. The implementation of "Assembly Bill 60": has both insurance companies and state legislators applauding because it means more drivers on the road will have been tested on the driving laws. Ma... Read More