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I Just Moved to Virginia. How Do I Get My Driver's License and Vehicle Registered?

by Joshua on Apr 26, 2022.
Filed under: Virginia
When you’re planning on making the Old Dominion State your new home, there are certain steps you need to take to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license and out-of-state vehicle registration. Once you become a new resident of Virginia, you can transfer these documents. When Do You Need to Transfer Your Out-of-State Driver’s License to Virginia? As a new resident of Virginia, you have 60 days to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license to the state. You are considered a resident of Virg... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about the Virginia Learners Permit course

by Joshua on Apr 21, 2014.
Filed under: Virginia Learner's Permit Test
There’s nothing as exciting as sitting behind the steering wheel of your own vehicle ready to drive. It is one of those sweet things that teenagers have to look forward to as they get older. But, in order to drive legally, a Virginia driver’s license is needed. The driver’s license is not grated without first holding a driving learners permit first. The Virginia learners permit is the first step toward obtaining that official piece of plastic with your name on it, and it is a great way to le... Read More

Restrictions on Teen Drivers in Virginia

by Joshua on Feb 09, 2014.
Filed under: Virginia Learner's Permit Test
If youíre a teen who just got your license youíre probably excited and more than ready to start driving on your own. Slow down there, cowboy. Before you drive, know the restrictions on teen driving in Virginia to stay safe and avoid legal penalties. A full list of restrictions can be found here. This guide serves as asimple overview of everything you need to know as a teenage driver in Virginia. All men under 26 must allow the DMV to send their information to Selective Service in order to rec... Read More

DMV Test Questions and Answers for the Virginia DMV

by Joshua on Oct 03, 2013.
Filed under: Virginia Virginia Driver's License Written Test, Virginia Learner's Permit Test
One of the most dreaded aspects of getting a drivers license to many people is the written test portion of the process. There are many reasons people become anxious for this test including a fear of test taking but with a little preparation and some knowledge anyone can easily pass the written test and move on to receive a license. The written knowledge tests are given to a number of people doing business with the DMV including new adult drivers, teen drivers and those residents that wish to ... Read More


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