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Road Rules DMV Practice Test for Virginia Learner's Permit

by Joshua on May 25, 2014.
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In Virginia, before you can get your driver's license, you have to get a learners permit. And before you can get a learner's permit, you have to pass your "learner's permit test": . This article will guide you through how and where to take the test, what will be on the test, and also includes some practice questions so you can see if you’re ready. h3. How and where do I take the learners permit test? In order to appl... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about the Virginia Learners Permit course

by Joshua on Apr 21, 2014.
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There’s nothing as exciting as sitting behind the steering wheel of your own vehicle ready to drive. It is one of those sweet things that teenagers have to look forward to as they get older. But, in order to drive legally, a "Virginia driver’s license": is needed. The driver’s license is not grated without first holding a driving learners permit first. The Virginia learners permit is the first step toward obtaining that official piece of plastic ... Read More