Frequently Asked Questions about the Virginia Learners Permit course

by Joshua on April 21, 2014

There’s nothing as exciting as sitting behind the steering wheel of your own vehicle ready to drive. It is one of those sweet things that teenagers have to look forward to as they get older. But, in order to drive legally, a Virginia driver’s license is needed. The driver’s license is not grated without first holding a driving learners permit first. The Virginia learners permit is the first step toward obtaining that official piece of plastic with your name on it, and it is a great way to learn how to drive correctly.

What is a Virginia Learners Permit?

A learner’s permit is a permit that enables teens that are enrolled full-time in school to drive an automobile. Teens must be 15 years old, six months to qualify for a permit. In addition one parent must consent for the permit in order for it to be granted. The permit is given to first-time drivers, and anyone who is 19 years of age or under must first take a driver’s education course before being eligible to receive the learners permit. You are not free to hit the road just yet, however. You must have another driver with you at all times while operating a vehicle with a learner’s permit. The driver must be at least 21 years of age, unless it is a parent or sibling, in which case the suitable age is 18.

What is a Driver’s Education course?

A driver’s education course is a special course dedicated to helping individuals learn how to drive and about a number of other hazards while on the road. People of all ages can participate in the course, however teen are especially beneficial to the teaching, thus required to attend before a permit or official driver’s license is granted. Without certification from an approved program located in the state of Virginia a teen under the age of 18 may obtain a driver’s license or a learner’s permit.
The courses teach both book material as well as actual driving. With a trained and licensed driver teaching the ropes you can be sure that you know the right way to drive so that you are safe and secure on the roads. Teen driver are responsible for the most accidents happening on the roads today. The purpose of these driving courses is to lower the number and improve driving behaviors early.

How do you choose a Driver’s Education Course?

There are driver’s education courses offered throughout the state of Virginia through various facilities and at various costs. It is important that a course that is approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for your driver’s education training to receive proper credit. A list of approved courses is available by visiting the Virginia DMV Online.
There are also several types of driver’s Ed courses available for you to choose from. This includes online driver’s Ed courses, private programs and public school training. Many schools are offering driver’s education programs to help ensure better drivers are on the road. Many parent and students elect to use the school driver’s Ed programs where they are available.
This may not be right for you, however, so look at all of the options before making your selection. As long as you complete your work from an approved school and meet all of the requirements you can complete the certification in any manner that you would like.
Consider the cost of the school or the training, the location (if you are choosing something locally,) as well as the instructors who are teaching the program. Ensuring that you teen is cool, calm and collective while attaining this special training is important, making it very important to consider the instructors. There are many choices, so do take the time to find a suitable provider for your teen’s driving and training needs.

What are the Driver’s Ed Requirements?

Once you find a driver’s education course of interest, there are a few additional things that should be kept in mind:

  • There are fees associated with the curses, and those fees are the responsibility of the participant. No refunds are granted and the costs of the course must be paid on the day the first class begins or before.
  • To receive credit for the course you must complete a total of 45 hours of driving with a supervised driver at least 21 years old. Of hose 45 hours, 15 must be spent driving a night.
  • Classes are held at various locations throughout the state. It is up to you to know when the classes will meet and at the times of those meetings.
    Upon receiving completion of the program teens are eligible to take the written tests to earn a learner’s permit. It is valid for a period of up to nine months.
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