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Applying Utah CDL - Endorsement P (Passenger)

by Joshua on Aug 29, 2014.
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If you want to be issued a commercial driver's license P endorsement (CDL) in the State of Utah, there is special training that you must receive. You must also submit a medical certificate, take a written test, and then apply in person for the license at any office of the Utah Department of Public Safety Works (DPS). Since 9186, it has been illegal to have more than one license. You have to choose between having either a regular license or a commercial license. You can only have state of ... Read More

About the Utah CDL License Driving Test

by Joshua on Jul 11, 2014.
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In the "state of Utah": you must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License in order to have a class A, class B, or class C license. In order to receive your CDL in Utah you must get official training, pass a road driving exam, obtain your medical certificate, and then apply for your "Commercial Driver’s License": in person at the Driver’s License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety. h3. The CDL Wri... Read More