About the Utah CDL License Driving Test

by Joshua on July 11, 2014

In the state of Utah you must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License in order to have a class A, class B, or class C license. In order to receive your CDL in Utah you must get official training, pass a road driving exam, obtain your medical certificate, and then apply for your Commercial Driver’s License in person at the Driver’s License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety.

The CDL Written Tests

There are multiple tests to complete before you will be eligible for your Commercial Driver’s License. The first testing phase that you must complete is the Knowledge Exam . There are multiple tests that you must take depending on what type of driving you will be doing, what kind of vehicle you will be driving, and what type of cargo you will be hauling. Listed below are the possible tests that you will need to take:

  • The General Knowledge Test is required for all CDL applicants.
  • If you plan to become a bus driver you will need to take the Passenger Transport Test.
  • You will need to take the Air Brakes Test if your vehicle has air brakes.
  • The Combination Vehicles Test is for drivers of combination vehicles.
  • If you want to haul hazardous waste or material in amounts which require placards you will need to take the Hazardous Materials Test.
  • If you are planning on hauling bulk liquids you will be required to take the Tanker Test.
  • The Doubles/Triples Test is forpulling double or triple trailers.

As you can see these tests are very specific so it would be a good idea to have a plan on what you plan on hauling and also in what type of vehicle that you will be hauling with. Having a good career plan will help you in taking fewer tests, less fees for these tests, and also using less time to get your CDL.

If you plan on obtaining your CDL for hazardous materials , you will need to have a background check done through the Transportation Security Administration. You will need to have this done for state to state transfers and also have it renewed every five years.

To find your local motor vehicle office you can visit their official website here

  1. Skills Test

Now that you have completed your appropriate Knowledge Tests, it is time to focus on the Skills Test. The Skills Test is your hands on road test. It is required by the state of Utah that you pass the skills test for driving vehicles over 26,001 pounds and trailers over 10,001 pounds. Be sure to study your Utah Commercial Vehicle Handbook as you will be quizzed on the rules and regulations in this book.

In your skills test you will need to drive in your choice commercial vehicle. You can take this test at the local driver’s license office or from the third party training school that you received your formal training from. If you do not pass your skills test you will need to pay the fee again. You can only take one test in a day.

What to Expect in Your Skills Test

During your skills test you will be required to drive in your vehicle that you plan on driving commercially. The vehicle will need to comply with all safety laws including the installation of seat belts. The examiner will be judging your driving skills, attention to safety, and your general attitude and driving behaviors. You can also expect these items to be judged by the examiner:

  • Driving posture
  • Proper use of lanes
  • U-turns
  • Attention at intersections
  • Parking on hills and between cars
  • Observance of traffic signs and signals
  • Backing
  • Steering coordination
  • Left and right turns
  • Starting and stopping

If your driving skills are in question, the examiner may ask you to take the test again. You must take the test within six months of paying your fee. You can find more information at the Utah Department of Public Safety Website

  1. Eye Test

One of the most important factors when driving commercial vehicles is to have good vision. The Utah Department of Public Safety Driver’s License Division takes this very seriously as poor vision is a safety hazard and can place the public in harm’s way. In order to qualify for a Commercial Driver’s License you must have at least 20/40 vision and 120 degrees of peripheral vision in at least one eye. You will need a statement from your doctor if you do not meet these requirements without glasses. You cannot complete your application without having the statement from your doctor. The statement should give a specific explanation of the eye issues you are experiencing. You must take your eye exam every five years if you are over 65.
With proper training, a vehicle passing safety inspection, and acing your exams — you can be on the road with your new career.

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