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Written Drivers Tests 101: Why Testing is so Important

by Joshua on Aug 25, 2013.
Filed under: Driver's License
Less than two decades prior to recent it was a fairly simple procedure to obtain your driver’s license in just about any state within the US that the new driver resided. The procedure was fairly simple. A new driver meeting the state minimum age could show Identification and a piece of mail with their state address, answer a short quiz and be on the roads in no-time. Over the past two decades the process in many states has become drawn out and seemingly complicated with the introduction of th... Read More

Required Testing Procedures and Time Schedules for a License in Texas

by Joshua on Aug 23, 2013.
Filed under: Texas
The Texas DMV requires many types of testing and the exams you are required to take will depend on your age group and the type of license you are applying for. Minors must complete each phase of the Graduated license program if they wish to obtain the privilege of operating a personal vehicle on roads. In addition, all adult new drivers and new residents to the state must apply for a standard driver’s license in order to legally drive on Texas roadways. Some adult drivers may also want to pur... Read More

What to Expect During the License Process as a Teen Driver in Florida

by Joshua on Aug 19, 2013.
Filed under: Florida Florida Learner's Permit Test
Once your teen reaches the age of 15 they may begin the process to receive their first driver’s license in Florida. This is a time of both anticipation and excitement though the process can seem a bit confusing at first glance. There are specific documents that must be provided, steps to be taken both prior to application and during the procedure and requirements that must be met before your teen will enjoy the full privileges of operating a motor vehicle on roadways. There are several reason... Read More

Helping Your Child to Pass the Drivers Tests: Part 2

by Joshua on Aug 16, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Getting a first drivers license is an important time in any teenager’s life as it marks a milestone in adolescence. As a part you want to assure that your child is safe when out on the roadways and this can be achieved by being a part of the testing and licensing process. In addition to assisting them in preparation for the vision exam, written tests and driving test you will also have an excellent opportunity to share wisdom and teach safe, defensive driving habits they will carry with them ... Read More

Helping Your Teen Prepare to Pass the Drivers Tests

by Joshua on Aug 14, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Obtaining a first drivers license in an important time in a teenager’s life and an exciting time for parents as their child begins the first steps towards adolescent. At the same time that is a positive and fun moment, it is also a critical chance for parents to prepare their child for safe driving practices that will carry with them in adulthood. Teen drivers account for a great percentage of the fatal accidents on roadways across the United States and this is greatly to do a lack of experie... Read More


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