Florida Motorcycle License

by Joshua on November 02, 2013

Florida, popularly known as the ‘Sunshine State’ is very well suited for motorcycle riders throughout the year. Motor cycle riders generally have nick names like rebel, cool, carefree, hip, or even crazy. However, not everyone can ride a motorcycle; one needs to get a valid driving permit even to try a test ride. A legally authorized motorcyclist can drive a 2 or a 3 wheeled motorcycle with a 50 cc engine only if you have a motorcycle endorsement (costing around $7) on your driving license. Even a motorcycle only license is equally valid in this case.

Florida DMV

This is a private organization that processes all Government related information across all the states in US Dmv.org. Initial days of DMV has quite long queues that would take you hours together for even a single task. Besides standing in queue for your turn, you will have to take a token and wait inside until you are called for. Now a days, appointment booking through phone and internet is made available by Florida DMV and most of the other states, which relieves the customers from standing in huge queues for writing written test DMVCheatSheets.com, applying for drivers license, behind the wheels driving test, renewal of license, vehicle registration, driving records, change of address or any other such DMV requests.

The DMV site also is a great knowledge base which can help people explore any type of questions and answers they are looking for. Customers have been liking this online tools or telephonic appointment system these days. Who doesn’t want to save time and avoid hassle?

However, you may have to follow other in-office procedures very thoroughly in order to get your motorcycle drivers license.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to avail a motorcycle driver’s license, check if you really satisfy these conditions.

  • A candidate applying for a driver’s license should be minimum 16 years of age. So, you should make sure that you carry the necessary documents like birth certificate or any other state issued ID for your age proof.
  • Some of the documents required in order to apply for a driver’s license are U.S./International Passport showing your citizenship, your Birth certificate, if you are a military personnel, then take your military ID card with you, Florida ID card, drivers license issued by other state in case you had license before, Social Security Number, if you are not 21 year old, then get your parental Consent Form, and your marriage certificate if you are married.
  • Before even writing drivers test, you should have at least a regular Class E driver’s license and should be valid when you are applying for the motorcycle license.
  • Regardless of how old you are, you should be completing your Basic Motorcycle Rider course and get the certificate that you have completed the course successfully. Else, you won’t be allowed to even attend the driver’s license written test.
  • Motorcycle only licenses do not need you to give a 4 wheeler driving test

How to obtain a motorcycle license

You will have to follow these legal steps and legally obtain the license.

  • You will have to make an appointment for your written exam and you can take the test in one of your nearest cities where you live. A written consists of questions on motor vehicle rules, traffic signs and safe driving techniques.
  • A candidate wanting to apply for a motorcycle driving license should have passed the DMV written test which is a series of multiple choice questions about motorcycle rules and the road safety that you need to follow while driving. If you fail the exam, you will have to re-book and appointment and retake the exam. You can’t take exam on the same day. You may have to repay the re-examination fee to be allowed to re-write your exam.
    The reason behind this test is to ensure that you are aware of all the motorcycle rules before you go ahead and give a behind the wheels driving test, get your drivers license and start driving on the roads all by yourself. Passing vision test is also essential to continue to the next level.
  • Once you have passed the test DMVCheatSheets.com, you need to make an appointment for the behind the wheels driving test, which is nothing but a live demonstration of whether you can drive safely following all the rules or not and answer any questions that the DMV official asks you during the test.
  • The instructor will keenly observe how safely you drive and follow all the traffic rules in order to pass the exam. There is a certain checklist and the mistakes you commit they will have to count. If your mistake count is above the one expected, then you will be asked to re-book for the driving test again, else you will be given green flag to drive.
  • Once you pass the driving test, you will get a temporary motorcycle driving license. Within a couple of weeks you will be sent a driving license card.

Safe operation of the motorcycle requires practiced knowledge DMVCheatSheets.com, skills and understanding of the limitations imposed by the machine, environment or the operator.

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