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Colorado CDL - Endorsement H (Hazardous Materials) License

by Joshua on Jul 16, 2014.
Filed under: Colorado Commercial Driver's Licence
In the state of Colorado a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) allows for the holder of the license to operate both commercial and private motor vehicles. Commercial vehicles are defined as a vehicle with a gross weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, a vehicle that, under Department of Transportation regulations, transports quantities of hazardous materials, and a vehicle that is designed to carry 16 or more passengers, including the driver. Obtaining the Endorsement H for the CDL certifi... Read More

Applying For a Virginia CDL - Class B License

by Joshua on Jul 14, 2014.
Filed under: Virginia Commercial Driver's Licence
In order to apply for a new Virginia commercial driver’s license , you should be the age of 18 or over and must exceed all the requirements for a customary Virginia driver’s license. You must be at least 21 years of age in order to carry hazardous materials, drive across state lines in a commercial vehicle or haul throughway freight inside the state. CDL Classes for Every State All states issue licenses in these categories. These class designations are from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Ad... Read More

About the Utah CDL License Driving Test

by Joshua on Jul 11, 2014.
Filed under: Utah
In the state of Utah you must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License in order to have a class A, class B, or class C license. In order to receive your CDL in Utah you must get official training, pass a road driving exam, obtain your medical certificate, and then apply for your Commercial Driver’s License in person at the Driver’s License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety. The CDL Written Tests There are multiple tests to complete before you will be eligible for your Commercial... Read More

Applying for a New CDL in Pennsylvania

by Joshua on Jul 09, 2014.
Filed under: Pennsylvania
When applying for a new CDL in Pennsylvania you must follow the given steps from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The basic steps are to obtain a DL-31CD and no doubt, a Pennsylvania’s Commercial Driver’s License handbook or Manual, visit the local Driver’s License Center with the appropriate forms, upgrade your driving privilege from a non-commercial driver’s license to a commercial driver’s license, and request a learner’s permit . Then after fifteen days you can take the comm... Read More

Colorado Free Online CDL Practice Tests

by Joshua on Jul 07, 2014.
Filed under: Colorado
Once you begin your journey of searching out practice tests online to obtain your Colorado CDL, you will find that there are many tests to choose from. Some are offered for free and some must be paid for. When you are searching for a practice test, make sure that the test is up to date and accurate. One good way of seeking out if it is a good and reliable testing source is to read reviews of people who have already taken the test. Make sure that the review website is not a part of the actual... Read More


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