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by Joshua on July 07, 2014

Once you begin your journey of searching out practice tests online to obtain your Colorado CDL, you will find that there are many tests to choose from. Some are offered for free and some must be paid for. When you are searching for a practice test, make sure that the test is up to date and accurate. One good way of seeking out if it is a good and reliable testing source is to read reviews of people who have already taken the test. Make sure that the review website is not a part of the actual practice test website as you want to make sure that you are getting accurate information.

Preparation for Your Commercial Driver’s License Tests

The first things you will need to decide when preparing for your CDL exams are what type of vehicle you will be driving and what you will be hauling. There are multiple options that may require one or more tests to be taken for proper licensing and endorsements. You first must decide what class of license you will need. These license classes are Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A licenses are required when you are hauling 26,001 or more pounds and/or are hauling a trailer that is 10,001 or more pounds. A Class B license is for hauling 26,000 pounds or less or a trailer that is 10,000 pounds or less, and the Class C license is for driving at least sixteen passengers (including the driver).

Planning on Your Endorsements

Once you have decided what class of license you will need, you will then need to decide what endorsements you must have. The list of endorsements is:

Please note that if you do plan on hauling hazardous materials and waste you will need to get your Hazmat X Endorsement. In order to receive this endorsement you will need to have a federal background check with the Transportation Security Administration. You can start the process by going to their website and filling out the appropriate forms. Once you fill out these forms you will need to be finger printed and the background check will then be run. There will be fees associated with the fingerprinting, background check, and processing of the forms. You can find more helpful information at the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles website
Once you have decided on what type of license you need and the endorsements you plan on having you can then begin studying the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles Handbook. These are available online or you can visit your local Colorado DMV office and pick up a physical copy of the handbook.

Free Practice Questions

Once you ha
ve decided on your class of license, your endorsements and have studied the handbook you are now ready to test out your skills with Commercial Driver’s License practice questions . There is one test that everyone will need to take which is the General Knowledge Exam . These free questions listed below are en example of some questions you may encounter when taking the General Knowledge Exam. The answer key is located at the end of this article. Good luck!

1. A key suspension part example is:

A. A drag link.
B. A spindle.
C. A hydraulic shock absorber.
D. None of the above.

2. The maximum GVW for a single vehicle plus its load according to the manufacturer is:

A. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
B. Gross Combination Weight Rating.
C. Gross Vehicle Weight.
D. Gross Combination Weight.

3. The right turn signal on your vehicle must be ____ located in the rear.

A. Red
B. Yellow
C. Amber
D. Any of the above.

4. Using the Seven Step Vehicle Inspection Method, When you inspect the left front side, check_______.

A. The reflectors and lights.
B. The front axle condition.
C. The door is properly working and latches.
D. All of the above.

5. If your path is blocked including on both sides, you should _____.

A. Steer left.
B. Brake hard and hold the wheel straight.
C. Steer right.
D. Brake lightly and hold the wheel straight.

  1. Answer Key

1. C. A hydraulic shock absorber.
2. A. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
3. D. Any of the above.
4. C. The door is properly working and latches.
5. C. Steer right.

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