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Parents and Motorists Should Follow These 10 Safety Tips

by Joshua on Dec 30, 2014.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Nowadays, many children are preparing to go back to school. Majority of these children will be biking, driving or walking. Regardless of the transportation used, these children might face potential dangers before they make it to school. However, these dangers will be avoided if motorists and parents keep in mind the safety reminders which are as follows: 1. Allow your children to take the school bus As a parent, your child will be safer to travel with school bus than using public transport. 2... Read More

Undocumented Immigrants To Get Illinois Driver's License in 2015

by Joshua on Dec 28, 2014.
Filed under: Illinois
In order to get an Illinois driver’s license, you should first visit a driver’s services facility where they will take your photo and show your identification. You must turn in the commercial driver’s license, instructions permits and state ID cards; pass the written and vision tests and pay the total amount of fee required. The drivers’ licenses for immigrants who are living in Illinois illegally will be issued in December. Approximately 500,000 people can apply for the special permit. Servi... Read More

How Illegal Immigrants Can Get a License in CA

by Joshua on Dec 26, 2014.
Filed under: California
Illegal immigrants who live in California will finally be eligible to apply for a driver’s license. This is under the law that was signed by the Democratic Governor with an aim of expanding privileges for illegal immigrants. This legislation is a major victory for immigrants’ rights activists, together with Latino who have been fighting for this law for decades. The state expects 1.4 million persons to apply for licenses in the next 3 years. This decree marked a significant departure in Calif... Read More

What Qualifies a Motorcycle to be a Motorcycle?

by Joshua on Dec 23, 2014.
Filed under: Motorcycle
Here are specific qualities you should look at when determining whether a motorcycle has qualified to be a motorcycle. They are as follows: Pedal power In many states, a bike should have an electric powered pedal for it to qualify as a motorcycle. For those who work sweat pedaling the feet, that is not a motorcycle. A motorcycle has three or fewer wheels A motorcycle must have three or fewer wheels for it to qualify as a motorcycle. The number of wheels in a motorcycle often dictates th... Read More

Driver's License for Illegal Immigrants in Connecticut

by Joshua on Dec 23, 2014.
Filed under: Connecticut
Immigrants who are living in the state illegally will soon obtain a driver’s license under a program that is designed to reach the rules of the road to the people. The department of motor vehicles expects thousands of immigrants will begin taking the steps that are needed to obtain a driver’s license. From Jan 1, illegal immigrants who are 16 years or older can start to make online appointments in order to schedule a written test for the license. This program was approved by the General Asse... Read More


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