What Qualifies a Motorcycle to be a Motorcycle?

by Joshua on December 23, 2014

Here are specific qualities you should look at when determining whether a motorcycle has qualified to be a motorcycle. They are as follows:

  • Pedal power

In many states, a bike should have an electric powered pedal for it to qualify as a motorcycle. For those who work sweat pedaling the feet, that is not a motorcycle.

  • A motorcycle has three or fewer wheels

A motorcycle must have three or fewer wheels for it to qualify as a motorcycle. The number of wheels in a motorcycle often dictates the type of license you have obtained in some states. You should contact the motor vehicle office in your area in order to get a wheel scoop.

  • The engine of the motorcycle

The size of the engine will sometimes determine whether the motorcycle qualifies to be a motorcycle. Have a look on the frame or tank of the bike and you will see a label which reads ”cc” along with other numbers. The label “cc” on the bike means cubic centimeters and it is used to measure the size of your motorcycle engine. Once you have clearly known the engine of the motorcycle, you should talk to motor vehicle that is nearest to you in order to determine how your motorcycle measures.

  • How fast can the motorcycle go?

The speed of your motorcycle’s ride will determine whether your motorcycle qualifies to be a motorcycle. In some states, you will find that the motorcycles with lower speed are labeled as mopeds or scooters. Consult your motorcycle department to define your bike.

Best Ways to Make your Motorcycle Faster

If you are not riding fast enough, here are some of the best ways that can increase the speed of your motorcycle. They are as follows:

  1. Add a power Commander and Change the Exhaust

Get a new exhaust system and then tinker the fuel mapping the weight of your motorcycle drop. This will also make you feel awesome while riding.

  1. Add Suspension

In case your bike does not have suspension, you should consider adding them since they will make you change the way the bike handles. Adjust the damping and compression settings since it will determine how the bike responds to the inputs.

  1. Professionally set the Suspension

If you have recently bought a suspension and your bike is not working in the right condition, you should consider calling a professional to set your bike.

  1. Purchase Lighter Wheels

The mass of the heavy wheels cannot help to do away with the negative effects. Buy super light wheels and you will feel a great difference.

The clothes you choose are the only thing that will be between the road and your skin. The following is what you require:

  1. Jacket

Recent research proved that arms, legs and head are the most injured body parts in an accident. A good jacket will help to protect your arms from injury. A good jacket can be made of leather, Kevlar and nylon. A good jacket includes heavy padding on spine, shoulders and elbow.

  1. Pants

Good pants made of leather will provide warmth and give you protection. You can also buy insulated pants for rain resistance.

  1. Gloves

You should wear gloves regardless of the weather condition. Gloves that have long gauntlet will fit over your sleeve thus preventing wind.

You will be Able to Avoid Fatal Injury

You will be able to protect yourself from fatal injuries in case you are involved in an accident. When an accident occurs between a car and a motorcycle, the motorists is often the one who is more injured which can cause head injury and result to death of the motorist. However this can be avoided by wearing a helmet since the chances of head injury or face injury is negligible.

Protection from the Wind

Motorists who wear helmet are not distracted by dust and wind in their eyes. Instead, the helmet impairs the motorists’ vision by giving him the ability to see clearly. The concentration of the motorists is at maximum and there are no chances of being involved in an accident.

Secure the Eyes

Wearing a helmet will protect the hair from getting in the eyes. If a motorist has hair that keeps getting in his eyes, there are more chances of causing an accident due to impaired vision. Motorists should consider using helmets in order to keep their hair in place and there will be no chances of getting involved in an accident or being distracted in any way.

Advantages of Wearing Protective Gears

Motorists are at a high risk of being injured by their mistakes or someone else since the motorcycle has an open design. For this reason, motorists should not take any risk by wearing a protective gear such as helmet that will protect them from suffering head injuries.

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