Undocumented Immigrants To Get Illinois Driver's License in 2015

In order to get an Illinois driver’s license, you should first visit a driver’s services facility where they will take your photo and show your identification. You must turn in the commercial driver’s license, instructions permits and state ID cards; pass the written and vision tests and pay the total amount of fee required. The drivers’ licenses for immigrants who are living in Illinois illegally will be issued in December. Approximately 500,000 people can apply for the special permit. Services will be provided in Spanish, English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Korean and Mandarin.

Eligible Requirements

  • Must prove that you have lived in Illinois for more than one year
  • Must provide unexpired passport
  • Must provide proof of residency and identity
  • Must pass the road exams including the written and vision test
  • Must provide proof of insurance

Participants should submit two different pieces of mail from different sources that proves that they are living in Illinois. After scheduling an appointment for the written test, participants must sign an affidavit that indicates that they will file an application in order to legalize the status of immigration. The DMV will then check the criminal history of the applicants and if they have anIllinois felony they will not be considered eligible for the drive only license. To avoid inconveniences, you should ensure that you have all the necessary documents before visiting the driver license office. There are high chances for the division to hold the documents for a specific period of time or copy the documents that are presented in order to verify the authenticity. The bills that are waiting the signature from the governor will allow non-citizens to serve on juries. Undocumented immigrants will get a chance to practice the law and this will make employers to retaliate against workers thus threatening to report them to the authorities.

College Students who are Illegal Immigrant

College students who were brought to Illinois as children are now allowed to pay in state tuition at public Universities. This will help to defray the costs of higher education in the country. The bills that are waiting the signature from the governor will allow non-citizens to serve on juries. Undocumented immigrants will get a chance to practice the law and this will make employers to retaliate against workers; thus, threatening to report them to the authorities.

Legislature Republicans

The bill will also support half of the legislature republicans who broke ranks with their leaders in order to support protections of the illegal immigrants. A conservative Republican assembly woman said that this can lead to higher possibilities of racial profiling since the licenses will be different from those which were issued to legal residents. In order to conform to the federal law, the licenses should clearly show that the bearers have not yet presented a social security card or a birth certificate.

Thousands of residents are eligible to take a driver’s test in January 2015. The law will protect the immigrants from trouble with the law and will ensure that the drivers are qualified. Many driving schools are looking forward for more registration but part of the challenge to drivers is that Illinois’s exam is a bit tough compared to other exams from other states. According to statistics, half of the people who take the written test for the first time, fail. The majority of people fail the practical test even before they get out of the parking lot. The test is normally a challenge but there is one way through proper preparation.

Identification Documents

For you to get an Illinois driver’s license, you must show the documents that can prove:

  1. Signature

A cancelled check and a credit or debit card may be used to confirm the signature.

  1. Birth date

A passport, a birth certificate and adoption records.

#Social security number

A security award letter, military service record and social security card will help determine your social security number.

  1. Residency

Utility bills, a voter registration card, a rental agreement or a bank statement can be used to confirm your residency.

The licenses will not be used as a form of identification for criminal purposes such as purchasing a gun. These licenses will be varied for 3 years and will cost approximately $30. This law will help everybody to learn the rules of the road and pass the test. The roads will become safer since there will be more access to job opportunities; thus, the economic growth will eventually be strengthened. All individuals who have access to a driver’s license normally show a sign of inclusiveness.

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