Driver's License for Illegal Immigrants in Connecticut

Immigrants who are living in the state illegally will soon obtain a driver’s license under a program that is designed to reach the rules of the road to the people. The department of motor vehicles expects thousands of immigrants will begin taking the steps that are needed to obtain a driver’s license. From Jan 1, illegal immigrants who are 16 years or older can start to make online appointments in order to schedule a written test for the license. This program was approved by the General Assembly and can no longer affect thousands of drivers who have no social security number and who are not able to establish their legal presence in the US. All Connecticut officials have been preparing for this new program by upgrading the outdated drivers’ manual and the written test of the Spanish version thereby creating new tests in Polish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

There have been meetings with the immigrant advocacy groups aimed to train clients on where to take the safe driving course and study the drivers’ manual. This is projected to work easily since the undocumented residents have been waiting for a long time to obtain this credential. Before the test is done, there will be a three month driving practice. There are approximately 200,000 immigrants who live in Connecticut illegally. The executive director of the Puerto and Latino states, Werner Oyanadel, estimates that about 65000 individuals will seek only the driving licenses. This number can change depending on the executive order by President Barack Obama who can allow childhood program to obtain licenses. The program will improve the lives of immigrant’s families and will also ensure public safety. Drivers must prove that they have purchased insurance and they have also registered their vehicles. Participants should bring two different pieces of mail from different sources that proves that they are living in Connecticut. After scheduling an appointment for the written test, participants must sign an affidavit that indicates that they will file an application in order to legalize the status of immigration. The DMV will check the criminal history of the applicants and if they have a Connecticut felony they will not be considered eligible for the license.

Requirements and Documents

To avoid inconveniences, ensure that you have all the necessary documents before visiting the driver’s license office. There are high chances for the division to hold the documents for a specific period of time or copy those that are presented in order to verify the authenticity.
Proof of identity and age includes providing the date of birth and the full name. Birth certificates are the required documents to show identity and age.The following documents can be used as proof of your identity:

  1. School documents
    A school transcript that is signed by a school official is also accepted as proof of your identification.
  2. Passport
    A valid passport from any country is acceptable to proof identity
  3. Marriage certificate
    Marriage certificate from the register of government agency in USA
  4. Court documents
    Court documents can also be used to prove identity. These documents include: adoption papers, divorce decree, child support certified order and court order for change of gender and name.
    More than 92% of people working in Connecticut use cars to get to work. Thousands of these people lack the opportunity to fully participate in the state economy.

Benefits of Allowing Undocumented Immigrants Acquire Licenses

Giving licenses to undocumented immigrants will save the state money since the losses that are incurred in traffic accidents will be reduced by 4 billion yearly. Unauthorized immigrants will improve their ability to get to work early and they will also get higher opportunities to participate in local economy when they have safe and legal access to transportation. Giving licenses to illegal immigrants will help provide more information about the specific community where the individual lives. This will help the illegal immigrants to better understand the road rules and laws; thus, keeping unqualified drivers off the road and thereby improving national security.

To help prepare the registration of the license and avoid scammers, immigrants have organized a training session where representatives are required to attend in order for them to describe what documents are required and also explain the whole process. The representatives will make sure that the illegal immigrants have clearly understood the information—this will provide a great opportunity for them to better understand the information they already have. The immigrants will have to undergo a three month practice before the driving test in given to them. For those who are 18 years or older, must hold the permit for a period of 90 days, while those who are between 16 and 17 years old will have a special training and will hold the permit for a longer period of time.

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