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Learning to Drive, Basic Guide to Getting a Learners Permit

by Joshua on Nov 06, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Acquiring your learners permit something most people look at as a rite of passage for teenagers across the globe, although to many it may seem a nerve racking and difficult task to complete. Taking the time to prepare for all aspects of the testing portion of earning your permit can promote an easier transition to learning to drive both for your drivers license test and in general become and accomplished and safe drive. One of the most important parts of getting ready to ta... Read More

All about the CDL General Knowledge Test

by Joshua on Nov 04, 2013.
Filed under: Commercial Driver's Licence
Each state requires that those seeking to obtain a CDL license must first pass a test of generalized trucking knowledge, it is required you ass the general knowledge test before proceeding to gain additional CDL endorsements. The CDL general knowledge test is a written test designed to assess your competence and level of trucking knowledge and covers the material presented any CDL handbook. The test covers all aspects of general trucking knowledge required to attain your CDL license including... Read More

Florida Motorcycle License

by Joshua on Nov 02, 2013.
Filed under: Florida Motorcycle Written Test
Florida, popularly known as the ‘Sunshine State’ is very well suited for motorcycle riders throughout the year. Motor cycle riders generally have nick names like rebel, cool, carefree, hip, or even crazy. However, not everyone can ride a motorcycle; one needs to get a valid driving permit even to try a test ride. A legally authorized motorcyclist can drive a 2 or a 3 wheeled motorcycle with a 50 cc engine only if you have a motorcycle endorsement (costing around $7) on your driving license. E... Read More

DDS Questions and Answers for the Georgia DDS

by Joshua on Nov 02, 2013.
Filed under: Georgia Georgia Driver's License Written Test, Georgia Learner's Permit Test
The excitement and freedom of the open road calls to us all, from the time we are old enough to imagine the thrill of speed and turns, the privilege of driving has been on all of our minds. Before we can embark upon the many years of driving adventures ahead, we must first acquire our driver’s license. In the wonderful state of Georgia we must adhere to all testing required in order to achieve the freedom of driving. There are several tests that we must pass. You can find helpful informati... Read More


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