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New Texas Driver's License for Teen Drivers

by Joshua on May 29, 2014.
Filed under: Texas Learner's Permit Test
If you’re a teen in Texas, and want to get your driver’s license, you will have to go through Texas’s graduated driver’s license program. In order to help make the process of learning to drive safer, the state of Texas has adopted a program to attempt to minimize the risks that new drivers face by slowly allowing more and more driving freedom as new drivers skills increase. There are things that a new driver must do to get there drivers license, but they can be simplified into four major step... Read More

Taking a Driver’s Education Course in Texas

by Joshua on Jul 15, 2013.
Filed under: Texas Texas Learner's Permit Test
Turning 15 in the state of Texas marks your chance to start thinking about the next step towards freedom with your first driver’s license. You must be 15 ½ years old at the time of application for you’re learners permit according to the Texas DMV. For new drivers the application process has multiple steps and several tests that you must take along the road towards that final day when you receive your restricted driver’s license. It is important that you are fully prepared ahead of time to mee... Read More


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