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Pay Attention: Why your Teen's Adolescent Brain is a Road Safety Issue

by Joshua on Oct 25, 2017.
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As a parent, if you think back to your formative years as a teenager you might well cringe at some of the things you said and did at the time, but there are scientific reasons why aspects of our behavior at that age are difficult to control. The timeline of brain development in young people becomes an issue when it comes to teens getting behind the wheel of their first car, as it can hamper their ability to react to a situation developing in front of them on the road. Scientific studies... Read More

Tips on Safe Driving

by Joshua on Jun 07, 2013.
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Traffic accidents occur everyday on the road in large numbers and some are actually fatal. Even when the accident is not to this extreme being involved in an accident can cause you a number of problems that can last for some time. It can result in a ticket and points on your license, increased insurance costs, loss of work and money to repair your vehicle. So it is best to practice some safe driving procedures and avoid an accident where ever possible so that you can save yourself the hassle ... Read More

Practice Safe Driving Tips To Improve Driving

by Joshua on May 06, 2013.
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When you’re driving it is important to keep your safety as well as the safety of others in mind. An accident can cause temporary loss of a drivable vehicle from damages, increased insurance rates, injury or even death. Many of these accidents can be avoided if more drivers would practice safe and defensive driving while on the road. While we can’t control other drivers around us, there are ways we can contribute to safety on the roadways. h2. What to Do To Prevent an Accident Someti... Read More
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