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What is the difference between a license and permit in Missouri?

by Lisa on Oct 18, 2012.
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h4. Permit vs License A permit allows someone that is learning to drive with specific restrictions, whereas a drivers license allows someone to drive without restrictions after passing the driving skills test. Missouri offers several types of licenses and permits. h4. Types of Licenses A Class F driver license is considered a full drivers license and residents are eligible for this license at age 18 years of age or older. Other types of licenses offered in Missouri include a mo... Read More

What is the difference between a license and a permit in Florida?

by Lisa on Oct 03, 2012.
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The state of Florida offers residents a learner's license, intermediate license and a Class E license. The learner's license and intermediate license are similar to other state's learner's permits and allow young drivers learning to drive restricted opportunities to gain driving skills. An unrestricted license allows drivers to drive at any time of day and without the presence of a licensed driver in the car. h4. A Learner's License A Learner's license is available to those at least 1... Read More